21 Day Jump Rope Challenge


You can get fit without the fancy exercise equipment or even joining a gym. Jump ropes are perfect if you can’t afford much, resistance bands are great and a simple chair is even better. I know a lot of people forget that even something better than a treadmill is a simple trail in your local community.

Jump roping is probably one of my favorite at home work outs. How elementary school right? Well that elementary fun, helped me lose my baby weight. I remember one night, I didn’t make it to the gym and  jumped roped for an hour looked at my Fit Bit and I burned 900 calories!

I read somewhere that a simple jump rope is the best exercise equipment to own. I bought my jump rope from Walmart but today I found it cheaper at TJ MAX. The key to jump roping for cardio is to take few breaks in between. 10 second break between each set is ideal.

Instructions for the challenge: 

Do 3 set each but when you get to 2 minutes do 2 sets

Between each set, take a 10 second break

Warm up properly, stress and I would recommend doing this inside in the AC.

Most importantly, have fun!


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26 thoughts on “21 Day Jump Rope Challenge

  1. THIS is the BEST idea I’ve heard in a long time! I think it will be a blast to jump rope and increase the time and increase the challenge. Now I need to find a cute (preferably pink!) jump rope!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  2. This is such a fun challenge. I don’t own a jump rope and can’t remember the last time I’ve used one but now I think I need to pick one up.

  3. Man I used to love jumping rope! I will say that after having a baby i don’t quite trust myself to jump for 180 seconds without… well you mommas know but maybe if I work my way up to it it’ll be ok :))

  4. jumped roped for an hour? holy cow girl, get it!! Ive never been a fan of jump rope, but its starts off slow, so I might be able to do this.
    XO tutusandheels.com

  5. Oooo now this is something I can get into!!! I loved jump roping when I was a kid. Definitely getting one for both me and my daughter

  6. I didn’t realize that jumping rope burned so many calories 🙂 My son just got a jump rope and so I might start using it while he’s at preschool.

  7. I used to jump rope when I was younger and it is great for your heart rate. This sounds like a great challenge.

  8. I remember being in gym when I was in school and jump rope was something that we did every class. Back to the basics!

  9. I am not quite into jumping rope but I used to. In fact I play with friends with jump rope challenges. I have quite forgotten this already but I am looking forward to giving this challenge. Thank you for sharing. xx

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