It seems like everyone is detoxing nowadays, from either TV, social media or the stuff they are putting in their body. Halloween is right around the corner and lets just say everyone in my house is required to detox a week after!

Many people buy expensive detoxes from their local vitamin store and can’t even pronounce some of the ingredients put in their “detoxes”. If you look around you there are natural ways you can get rid of the toxins put in your body for almost FREE!

Here are 3 ways to naturally detox your body:

  1. Eat a diet with ripe fruits, green leafy veggies- When you are detoxing your body naturally you always want to increase your intake with fruits and veggies. Not just apples and celery but fruits with nutritional substance. Kale, Spinach, Chards and Bok Choy is always a go to when I am detoxing.
Lemon pepper Salmon with spinach, kale, chards and bok choy! #dinner #postworkoutmeal #fitness #healthymomofig #fitmomofig #healthblogger #scblogger
Lemon pepper Salmon with spinach, kale, chards and bok choy! #dinner #postworkoutmeal #fitness #healthymomofig #fitmomofig #healthblogger #scblogger

   2. Drink lemon water- Evidence has proven by drinking lemon water will increase your metabolism. Also, lemons contain Vitamin C & some potassium, which if your immune system is like mine well anything can help. So don’t feel bad asking for extra lemons on the side to go with your water when you are out at a restaurant.

3. Get adequate amount of sleep- Sleeping puts your body into a repair mode. People that don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep have a high percentage of losing body fat. Sleep and your metabolism is controlled by the same part of the brain. When you are sleepy  a certain hormones is triggered and that increases appetite.

So don’t go out and spend your money on an expensive detox, you can now spend your money on that fitness device you wanted! How do you detox your body?

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  1. I have heard of lemon water doing so many great things for your body! It’s great that we can naturally detox – I am always too scared of the cleanses you can buy in stores.

  2. Oh yes lemon water!! I need to add lemons more often, I love how it tastes instead of plain old water. That salmon looks fantastic and yummy!!

  3. I love these tips, and I definitely need to add more raw veg to my diet because I am in serious need of a detox at the moment, i’ve fallen off the food wagon as I like to call it haha

  4. Lemon water is my go to for detoxing. I swear that combination is magic. I never thought to include fruits and veggies as part of a detox plan though. I’ll have to give it a go

  5. That’s awesome. I don’t like taking diet pills or anything of the like and I would rather just detox my body the natural way. Eating fiber rich food will definitely help and lemon water works wonders especially if you add chia seeds!

  6. I have been getting more sleep lately and drinking lemon water throughout the day. I believe it’s working because I’m feeling a lot better these days. I’ve also added vitamin D because the sun’s not shining as much these days here where I live.

  7. My absolute favourite way to detox is to drink tonnes of lemon water like you mention here. Makes everything pass and make you feel so great. Good tips!

  8. I am getting better at the lemon water but sleep is my really big issue. I either can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep.

  9. Great tips! I need to implement these with the holidays coming up because I’m feeling kind of blah…I’d rather detox now rather than allowing the holidays to build up!

  10. Such simple things that are so often ignored. I try to incorporate atleast one raw meal a day with lots of fruits and veggies. either a salad or juice it all.

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