5 Question To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Gym


Gym and contracts are a big deal! I am always hesitant with contracts because I have had bad experiences.

The bad experience I had was signing a 2 year contract with the first place I looked. When I first started going I loved it, I had a personal trainer and was loving the gym life. As the first year continued I started noticing the gym was adding more members than they actually had equipment, room inside the facility or parking for.

Before signing a contract there are 5 questions you should ask yourself.

Fitness equipment in the gym. Gym.


Speaking to many people, that pay for memberships and refuse to use it is because they signed up and found out they actually hate the gym. Working out when everyone can see them, is not for everyone. Most people find it to be better just to work out in their living room.


For me that was important! When I first started working out I knew that I wasn’t a runner and couldn’t just motivate myself to work out. I needed a class/classes to get into because I knew being amongst other people would push me. I tried every class my gym had to offer at least once and I found my thing was Zumba!


Childcare is a big deal, especially for people with kids. Not only do they have childcare, but what are the hours? I have visited a lot of gyms where the childcare is at the most inconvenient times for working parents. Why have a childcare in the gym and it’s closed during peak hours?! Make sure you verify the times!


Do the hours work with your schedule? Some gyms don’t open until 6am, which wouldn’t work for a lot of people that has to work out first thing at 5am. I love 24 hour gyms but realize not every gym is like that so make sure you check on the hours.


This is the most important question to ask yourself while visiting. I love the gym I go to, because they do a lot with the members. They offer free body boot camp, and will have little parties and Zumbathons for the members. I have been to many places, where the staff at the front aren’t friendly, and your just another body to them.

The biggest advice I could give is to do your research. Don’t go with the name because it’s well known (those are the worse ones), go with the one you love. Each gym offers things to their members, just make sure it fits you!

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13 thoughts on “5 Question To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Gym

  1. Love this. I am not really a gym person and regretted the time I joined. I enjoy nice speedy walks outside. The childcare would be nice though.

  2. These are great points. I do prefer working out at home – I feel like it takes too much time to get to the gym and get ready. But I know for others getting out of the house is a motivator in itself.

  3. There are people who are more motivated to workout in the gym and there are those who prefer working out at home. If you join a gym and you don’t really like it, you’ve wasted time, effort, and money in one go! It’s good to ask these questions and I’m glad you posted something like this!

  4. I love gyms that offer childcare. It really is the best idea ever. In saying that, I can’t join a gym because of back issues, but I really wish I could

  5. The child care option would be very important to me as my husband is out on business a lot. I would need somewhere for my younger kids to hang out while I worked out.

  6. This is exactly how I determined that a gym membership isn’t for me. I really don’t like working out with a bunch of people around me. LOL. I feel silly!

  7. Ooh! Childcare is so important! There are times when I just cannot leave my baby somewhere and I might need to bring him. I would also need to know that they have attendants who would know what to do in case of emergencies. But I have definitely brought a bouncy chair to the gym to have my son get splattered by my sweat though

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  8. I’m not very well acquainted with gyms in general (need to get out more often and exercise!) so these were some great tips to take note of.

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