Start Small, End Big- 5 Tips To Help Win The Fat


After I had my daughter the last thing I literally wanted to do was go to a gym. I had no motivation at first, I mean really who could when a newborn doesn’t sleep at all. Let’s just say she is 10 months old and we are now mastering “sleep” and sometimes we win and some nights fighting sleep wins.

I remember signing up for the gym the same week I got cleared from the doctor. I felt fat, ugly and knew I needed a change. I paid for a trainer twice in my life ad regretted it because it was a lot of money and I saw no results.  I knew now paying for double the daycare and double the diapers, it wasn’t in our budget to get a trainer. It was up to me to take accountability and just like Nike “DO IT”! After doing the latest fad diets and trying everything, I finally found the secret. Here is how I won over my body fat!

  • Increase your water intake: They say your suppose to drink half your body weight in water! So if your 150lbs, drink 75oz…… Simple right?! Not at all, at least for me. I couldn’t drink one bottle, I have always hated water. The only way I became an avid water drinker is gradually increase water. To be honest sometimes I get sick of water and then I add my favorite Crystal Light! Start small and increase until you can drink half of your water weight!
  • Accountability: My accountability was my Fit Bit! It tracked how many steps I had taken a day and I loved to see everything in green. Also on Fit Bit, me and my friends would hold challenges…. This not only made it fun but it also made it feel like I wasn’t alone in the weight loss journey. You can also join Facebook groups. We have a group for Moms inspiring each other. Many times we get so caught up in taking care of our kids or taking care of everything else but we what we need to take care of…. OUR SELVES!
  • Set small goals: If someone was to tell me that I would workout 5 days a week, I would have just laughed. This is coming from the lady that hated to workout! Start going to the and set goals to work out 2 days a week and then the next week workout 3 days a week. Start small and end big!
  • Invest in yourself: You don’t have to join a gym. If its not in the budget or you just don’t have time workout at home! I have weights that I bought from Walmart and if I can’t make it to the gym I will do arm workouts. You can download apps that will show you what arm workouts to do! Also utilize the stairs in your house, we have stairs and I will lace up my sneakers and run up ad down. The video below is one of my workouts I will do if I can’t make the gym.
  • Celebrate: Celebrate the small wins. Celebrate when you drink more than 3 bottles of water. Through this entire process I remember saying, whatever I am so sick of this and it took the fun out of losing weight! Make sure you celebrate the things you are accomplishing no matter how small it may seem.



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35 thoughts on “Start Small, End Big- 5 Tips To Help Win The Fat

  1. For me, it’s all about the water intake. If I can hit the 8 cups a day range, I can usually lose weight (if I also do some physical activity).

  2. I need to lose a few pounds for sure. It’s not easy, but I am loving your tips. I need to follow them.

  3. I only drink water. No juice or soda here, and I will drink tea or coffee maybe once a week. I STILL don’t get enough water in. I am just not a liquid person. I need to do better with this.

  4. I have been really trying to drink the recommended amount of water. I’m always good and meet the goals during the work week – but on the weekends I stink at it! Gotta get better!
    Karen |

  5. I need to increase my water intake, I’m pretty good at drinking water, but I don’t drink enough. I also need to hit the gym TODAY. I’ve been slacking lately.

  6. This was just the post I needed, I’ve been wanting to start to exercise and eat healthier. My big problem is being motivated to do it and start, but if I start small and increase exercising I do better!

  7. Water is my biggest issue. I hardly ever drink it. My hubby is always on me about it, but I just drink all other things except for water. When I do drink water after days of juice, soda and coffee, I end up only drinking a glass or two. I need to really get disciplined about it.

  8. I actually fell off of the wagon on weight loss. I went through a hard break up and gained back 40 lbs. I’m still struggling and my depression jumps at times. Hoping to get my motivation back.

  9. I love my fit bit! That has made keeping track of my fitness so much easier. And water is my drink of choice after my morning coffee – although lately I have been drinking a little more coffee. I blame it on a teething baby 🙂

  10. Look at you. You did an awesome job. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, set small goals. Often we obsess on the end result and when it doesn’t happen quick enough, we give up.

  11. Setting small goals is a great way to keep up with what you want. It is much more realistic to say I want to lose 10 pounds every x amount of time versus I want to lose 75. It is always nice to see when you accomplish your goals too, it helps with motivation.

  12. These tips are legit! I agree with all of them! Especially setting realistic goals. I rather stick to exercising twice a week than set myself up for failure by expecting to get 3 or 4 workouts in.

  13. Those are great tips and I have to agree with starting out small. I’ve found that by taking baby steps to begin with I’m able to take leaps once I get into the swing of things.

  14. You’re doing a great job. These are stellar tips. I like to set small goals Used to I would get frustrated because my goal is Huge and will take me a very long time to achieve. Setting small goals like ‘walk 15-minutes this month’ and then increasing it to 25 min. next month is doable for me. Rock your weights!

  15. This could haven’t come at a better time, because I’ve been on a mission to lose weight. I’ve been increasing my intake of water, plus I’ve been using a food diary/pedometer app (MyFitnessPal). I love how the app lets me know if I overdid it with the carbs, fats, or sugar.

  16. I have been trying to loose weight for a while now and the little accomplishments are always a motivation for me I keep at it until I get to my target. These are some awesome tips that I will be incorporating to my weight loss journey 🙂

  17. I have to say that drinking enough water is not an issue for me. I drink mainly water all day, every day. I would probably guess that I drink about 5 16oz bottles every day.

  18. Water water and more water. That’s one of the HUGE things for health in general, and finding a way to get fitness into your schedule by changing habits Sit less, move more.

  19. Thanks for the tips. My biggest problem is water intake and celebrating the small wins. I’ve been doing great lately, and although the scale is not budging, my clothes fit way better.

  20. Thanks I needed this! It was like a little pep talk. I’ve been feeling stagnant in my weight loss journey. Cheers!

  21. I really need to just focus on step 1. I’m not sure why but in the last few months my water intake has dropped dramatically! I can sometimes get to like 3.00pm and be like oh shit I haven’t even had a drink of water today. I have got an app to try and help me remember!

  22. Oh I can’t live without exercising. I actually can’t wait to start exercising after giving birth and definitely work out mildly well before 6-week postpartum check. I don’t do gym because I can’t bring myself to leave a newborn with someone. But there are plenty of opportunities to work out while the baby is napping with a workout DVDs or youtube videos.

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