Affordable Activewear By TopKnot Style

Hello all you beautiful Oh Chic Mom readers. I am here today to share some great options for affordable activewear.

I have always exercised pretty consistently (I have danced my entire life), but I have been changing my workout routine recently and simply focusing on toning. Yes, squats. Ugh. Because of that, I am in workout clothes about 5 days a week, unless I take an extra day off… don’t lie, you do it, too! Now I am no fitness expert, but I do want to give all of you one tip. DRESS UP when you go to the gym. Don’t judge me, but I am that woman with bronzer and her eyebrows done at the gym. And I always have on a cute outfit. I just find that it motivates me more when I feel good about myself. Throwing on old sweats and t-shirt just doesn’t make me beautiful and ready to commit to a good workout.

Obviously fitness has been a thing forever, but because of fitness and fashion bloggers and tv shows about losing weight, I feel that a lot more people are paying attention. And that is so great! And because of all that, you can find trendy, affordable activewear almost anywhere. All that also makes it acceptable to run errands and grab lunch with a friend in your activewear. If it’s all cute, why not wear it everywhere you go! I have linked a few trendy options below; all under $50!


 Thanks for reading, y’all. I hope you liked some of my affordable activewear choices! Let me or the Chic Mom know what pieces you picked out in the comments. Be sure to check out Topknot Style for all your other fashion inspiration! XO.


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14 thoughts on “Affordable Activewear By TopKnot Style

  1. Oh that cowl back tank is awesome! I love that there are so many cute options available! Definitely makes working out easier when you can look cute doing it!

  2. Okay, #2, #6, and #7 are my favorites! 🙂 I adore that water bottle! It’s too funny. And those leggings with the tank top would definitely keep me motivated during my workout.

  3. When it comes to fitness and fashion I try to go as affordable as I can because I would much prefer to spend my money on clothing I wear every single day. I’ll check out your choices. Thank you.

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