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Having a protein shake is part of my morning like brushing my teeth (well besides coffee). When I first started my journey to get healthy, I wasn’t sure if I could hack drinking a protein shake all the time.

All of the protein shakes, no matter how expensive or cheap you can still taste the protein.  I am a Chocolate person and personally would rather have cookies and cake for breakfast but because I know I will gain tons of weight— well that’s not an option!

When I first starting losing weight I strictly did a protein shake or smoothie in the morning. I tried so many different powder proteins, that I have actually donated some to the gym I go to! I learned very quickly to make everything my own and get creative. These 4 ingredients will change your protein shake and your life, just be mindful that some ingredients will increase your calories in your protein shake.

Add Peanut Butter Powder Add a scope of Peanut Butter Powder. 2 Tbsp of powder peanut butter is only 45 calories compared to your Jiffy which is 190 calories!

Add 1/2 cup of Vanilla Almond Milk- With every protein mixture it tells you to add water. They suggest water because adding other liquids like Almond milk will increase the calorie intake. This is true so cute the calorie in half by add 1/2 cup! The vanilla almond milk will add another taste!

Add Fruit- This will also increase the calorie intake but I am a big fan of adding fruit. Adding a half of banana makes it taste like a chocolate, banana milk shake!

Add Iced Coffee- Instead of the almond milk or water add the Iced coffee! I love the Starbucks Iced coffee and sometimes you just need a pick me up! Super delicious!

There are so many options you can add to your protein shake. Shake it up a little!

What do you add to your protein shake? I want to hear from you!


4 Ingredients That Will Change Your Protein Shake

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  1. Love these ideas so make it taste better. My boys are starting to drink protein shakes and I have been struggling to know what to do besides fruit and milk. Thanks.

  2. I don’t really drink protein shakes, but these flavors are awesome and to think that they’re not store-bought, you can do them on your own! That’s really great and it’s easy as well because you pretty much just throw everything in the blender and that’s it.

  3. Great ideas, why have I never thought about adding my coffee for an extra jolt? Brilliant plan!

  4. I just recently discovered powder peanut butter and it is AMAZING! I was drinking Shakeology for a while but it is so expensive…I need to get back into the routine of drinking my protein

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