Dear Mommies-

You are worth it! To feel your best, to look your best. You are the backbone behind that household. You deserve to feel like a supermodel, even though you were probably just up all night with one of your kids. If you aren’t happy, well then your household is not happy. If you are not healthy, well who is going to watch your kids grow up? Often times us moms tend to put ourselves all the way at the bottom of the list.

If you are like me– well then your probably thinking the time that you are working out could be the time that you could catch up on sleep, or even the season of Orange Is The New Black. You may not feel motivated to go to the gym after you worked all day, cooked dinner but going to the gym will make you feel so much better. I promise after you’re in the gym for an hour, you will walk to your car feeling like you can take on the world.

You will feel even better when your pants start getting big and you have to shop for a smaller size. Dear mommies you are so worth it. Yes, our job is to take care of our families, to make sure the kids are healthy and happy and to be the best role models.

Find something in the gym that makes you happy. Make a playlist, a playlist that is only to be played while in the gym. Get some cute workout clothes. Working out is suppose to make you feel good. Get a blinged out water bottle, get some cute ear buds and go for it. Take over your life and get healthy for you!


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