Fit Mom Mother’s Day Gift Guide


If your like me well then you probably have no idea what to get your own mother or your husband has no clue on what to get you! Mother’s Day can get tricky but like most holidays I typically over think everything! Before I made this lifestyle change my husband always would get my favorite or at the time my favorite food! Chocolate covered strawberries was part of the norm for every holiday or birthday so this is also very shocking to him. Instead of going out to eat or getting my favorite dessert he now has to find something that is in my lifestyle change! I have am a big fan of looking cute while working out! I love cute tanks to work out in and I always say you don’t have to look rough to work out! After all I am a girlie girl that lifts weights and works out so why not look cute while sweating. My favorite workout item is my FIT BIT! I love how it syncs with my phone and how me and my friends can challenge each other on how may steps a day we are taking!m

Here are some great Mother’s Day Picks! 

Fit Mom Mother's Day Gifts
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