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New You, New Year….. Nope, New Year– Healthier Me!

September 1 was when I started this lifestyle change. I was almost 2 months out from having my baby girl and knew I needed to make a change and couldn’t blame it on the baby fat 2 years later. I signed up for a gym, tried every class they offered and found my niche! Since September 1, I have lost 17LBS even with the holidays that just passed us! I guess a little more extra incentive I have is trying to fit into my wedding dress before my big day March 19!

I am not a personal trainer or do I get paid to promote products. I am a mother of 2 that truly believes that you can’t raise healthy children if you aren’t healthy. How can I tell my kids to eat all of their veggies or to drink their water if I am not leading by example. As a parent I want to be around as long as possible and want to be the healthiest I can be; Mind, Body and Spirit. Not only do I believe in eating right and exercising right but I also believe in taking care of my mental health. I am not at where I want to be yet but it all takes time, so I am super excited about having my reader come with me on this journey!

My goal is to push you to be the healthiest you, while pushing myself. Yes, being a mom I know we are busy taking care of our family but we have to also learn to take care of us. I am a full time Marketing Director and a blogger on top of being a mom of 2, so I know you can always find time to get your exercise in!


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17 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  1. I definitely need to get back on track. I haven’t been eating right regularly or working out consistently.

  2. Moms definitely need to take care of themselves, so that they can take care of the family. I workout everyday and I don’t have any fancy gym membership. I workout at home whenever my kids play. They might interrupt me and jump on me. It’s ok. I still get my workout in and often they end up exercising right next to me.

  3. Way to go! You have done a great job losing weight. Losing weight is so tough. You are so right, though. Leading by example is the best way you can teach your children.

  4. Leading by example is so important when trying to keep your family healthy! When kids see us eating healthy and staying active they’re more likely to join in.

  5. That’s absolutely wonderful that your goal is to be the positive image of health and fitness for your kids-I can’t tell you how much of a positive impact that will have on them! Happy New Year!

  6. Congratulations! I am also striving to be healthier in the New Year. I actually eat really well – i love green smoothies and prefer to eat veggies over most everything, but I don’t make the time to exercise. There honestly are not enough hours in the day it seems. But, I am making it a priority this year, and hopefully the 3 littles will totally cooperate with me!

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