How To Do A Proper Plank Exercise

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Getting to the gym is the first challenge, the second challenge is learning how to do exercises like planks.

After having my baby I had one of my friends tell me do a plank and see how long you can hold it for? I thought, what is a plank…. I didn’t want to ask so I “faked it” until I was corrected.  Who knew that this very exercise is what would help strengthen my core after having my baby! Naturally, being pregnant does something to your stomach muscles and after the baby you have to really work hard at getting those stomach muscles back! Some people are not sure even what a plank looks like or even how to do a plank!

How To Do A Proper Plank 

  1. Place your hands directly under your shoulders. The position should feel like your going to do a push up.
  2. Bend your elbows and put your weight on your forearms (not your hands)
  3. Your body should be in a straight line
  4. Stuck your belly button into your spine
  5. You should get as low to the ground as you can
  6. Hold this position

If you stick with this challenge you will strengthen your core muscles!


If you want to join the 21 plank challenge it is never too late!21-day-plankchallenge

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