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With every great gym workout you will need 3 things to kill your workout great headphones (prefer wireless), iPhone/ Phone and some type of protective gear like a screen protector for my phone. I have dropped my phone about a million times and my lifeline has came out with some bruises worse then I get while doing body pump.

Have you ever been in the gym when and you drop your phone while working out? I have and it hurts, not me but my pretty little phone aka my lifeline. I refuse to wear an arm band where I put my phone in it because I feel like it restricts my movement and it is very annoying. Yes, I have tried the belt and again I feel its annoying and it limits me from being great in the gym! Not only does my phone get war wounds often at the gym but also at home with my 3 year old. He loves watching spiderman on my phone, and my house is mostly ceramic so I have had close encounters with my phone getting dropped on the floor. Did I mention not even a week after the iPhone 6s came out my 3 year old dropped it and it cracked.

I think if anyone makes a manual for moms in 2016 it should include a checklist and a screen protector should be included. I know I am not the only mom that puts her grocery list in her phone, or entertains her 3 year old with the phone when we wait in a line or doctors office and he starts to get antsy.


Being a mom of 2 little kids Intelli Armor understood my pain and sent me Intelli Glass for my iPhone 6s. Not only was it super easy to put on and if you have a screen protector for your phone well then you know what I am talking about. I have used so many screen protectors and those stupid bubbles would drive me crazy! With this screen protector you don’t have to worry about it all all.

It not only comes with a alcohol wipe to clean your screen before installing but it also comes with a microfiber wipe to clean off any alcohol left on your phone and any dust. Let me just tell you that microfiber wipe has come in handy when the little one gets nastiness on my phone LOL. The instructions not only take you step by step but it’ so easy! The best part is the white part covered up the crack the little caused! Like everyone that likes the bang for their buck they also offer lifetime warranty, that was icing on the cake.

I can honestly say right after I installed the glass protector I dropped it on a weight and it had no scratch or damage done!

If you want to get your own screen protector at 20% use this code:   Coupon Code: TM-5FPGC0PG  


*This post is sponsored by intelliarmor but these are my honest opinions on the product*

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25 thoughts on “Intelli Glass Pro Review

  1. I don’t bring my phone with me to the gym, so I have never dropped it there – but I have dropped it everywhere else. It is always on the ground.

  2. Its so important to find those extras to protect ones phones or iPads. With the cost of them, we need to protect them really carefully! Sounds like this did the trick!
    Karen |

  3. I always keep a glass protector on my phone. You just never know what will happen. Plus being a mom that’s a really good idea. Great post!

  4. I don’t like screen covers at all! I know they are safer. I try to make sure my phone cover has a little extra around the edge so that the face doesn’t touch the floor if I drop the phone. I sure hope that works!

  5. That is the best screen protector I have heard of as most tend to smash after a few drops. Often you will find that the phones are usually more durable but it is great to hear this one is better.

  6. I don’t like screen covers. I use a running belt when working out in the gym, that has a pocket for my phone. I also have an armband. Much more convenient and hands free!

  7. Screen protectors are a great investment, especially when you have little ones. They are so great at getting all kinds of goo on the phone.

  8. With the cost of replacing phones even with insurance I alway try and keep mine well protected. I however always use an Otterbox because they give the protection I need, this will protect my screen really good though.

  9. I’m lucky that I’ve never broken a screen, but my teen shattered hers a couple of years ago. This looks like a great product.

  10. I don’t go to the gym (I sure should), but I know how important it is protect our phones. With my kids they all have screen protection on theirs! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  11. This sounds like a great product! I use a cover on my phone, but I don’t use a screen guard. I had always assumed I’d get frustrated with the little bubbles you mentioned 🙂

  12. A good screen protector is so important. We rely so much on our phones and repairs can be out of this world. It’s always a good idea to protect your investment.

  13. I am definitely all about keeping my phone screen protected!!! My iPhone cost me wayyy too much to ever break!

  14. I have a protective cover on my phone (LG G2) and it has been a lifesaver! I have dropped glasses on it, it fell on the floor, you name it! But it’s still going strong!

  15. My son has a glass protector like this one and it really has saved his phone from shattering many times. The protector currently has cracks in it from all the times he has dropped his phone but his screen is still intact.

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