Licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN)- Zumba Zumba Zumba!


I have talked myself out of it. Every time I thought about it, I thought about all of the reasons I shouldn’t do it. I came up with a million reasons, and talked myself out of it. I never shared with anyone what I really wanted to do, because I thought how crazy does that sound? A Zumba Instructor how crazy is that?!


After having my first born I suffered with really bad postpartum. I had no idea what was wrong with me, I reached out to my friends that tried to help but no one really knew how to help. My husband had no knowledge of what postpartum was and even what that meant. I finally told him I needed him to take me to the doctors. He did just that, we visited my doctor and she gave me holistic ways to de-stress like meditation, yoga, eating right, and no caffeine. Hello– I had a toddler at the time and I was in Grad school so saying no to caffeine was not even an option. She then prescribed me anti depressants that I stopped taking about 3 months in. I dealt with postpartum for a year and knew that if I got pregnant again I needed to do something else because medication was not the way to go.

Finding out I was pregnant with my daughter put me into Holistic Living Mode. I knew that I wanted to fight the war on Postpartum. I knew that after all of my research, mediation and working out was the key. After getting clearance from my doctor at my 6 week check up, I joined a gym and started just doing Zumba. I felt so good after I left every class and I knew I wanted more and more. It was like a drug that I needed, and I looked forward to every class because it was like a party! This made me want to work out and then I noticed pounds slipping off and I felt better and was in a great mood.

July 25, 2016- The Day!


I started my drive to Charlotte, NC which is an hour and a half away from Columbia, SC. I left the house around 5:45am because I had to be there before 8am.  When I arrived to The World Gym, there were ladies lined up and ready! This is when my nerves started kicking in and realized this was real. We filled out our paper work, and then filled the dance studio up. Who says Zumba is just for ladies?! There were men in the class also!

My wonderful ZES Loretta Bates, made everything so fun! We dance for 2 hours and then was given a water break. Danced again, went over material and finally had lunch! I packed a tuna salad because I knew I would need more protein and little carbs. I had protein for Breakfast and snack and honestly, I think my body went into protein overdrive. LOL.



The rest of the day was learning different music, rhythms and nothing but shaking our butts! I met some amazing people and we got to talk to other Zumba instructors in the area. Zumba really creates a family and its great to share something you all love. At 5:30pm the class was finally over. I wanted it to be over because we had been dancing since 8 and I was exhausted but didn’t want it to end because I love it.

I have never had an experience like that and I have made some friends from that class. This day was so special and I appreciate all of the instructors and my ZES!


I am now an official Licensed Zumba Instructor! 

My first class starts August 22, 2016 and I am so excited! To find out more information visit my Zumba website.

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30 thoughts on “Licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN)- Zumba Zumba Zumba!

  1. Congrats! It has been so long since I did a zumba class but I love it! It’s such a great workout and so good for your confidence too!

  2. WhoOoOoo! Congrats to your Zumba accomplishment! What an amazing way to keep fit and active and inspire others!
    Karen |

  3. I have not ever take a zumba class – I’m not one for bouncing and jumping around while exercising. I like something a bit more low key – but I would have loved this when I was much younger! I can see my teen daughter taking a zumba class

  4. Congratulations on your most recent achievement! I’m glad you turned to fitness after that challenging ordeal and it’s always nice to do what makes you happy instead of just relying on the meds. It’s your motivation and dedication that got you here, so give yourself a pat on the back!

  5. Huge congrats on becoming an instructor. I started Zumba classes, loved it but then it moved to such a far location and too late in the evening so I quit. I tired doing it at home alone but it is not the same amount of fun as in a class.

    Sheri – A Busy Bees Life

  6. I have been meaning to go and give Zumba a try! I really need to get out there and shake off some of this weight I have put on lately.

  7. Congratulations! It sounds like you have found something that you are passionate about, and that is important – especially when it comes to exercise!

  8. You go, girl. SO proud of you… and I don’t even know you! Well, I guess not in real life. I have never taken a class but it does look super fun!

  9. Congratulations on such a great achievement! I see this as nothing but a way to bring fun to exercise and that’s something that a lot of people need to stay motivated.

  10. First, you go girl! Congrats on such a great achievement!! I used to take Zumba classes a few years ago and they were so much fun. Sadly, I moved to the middle of nowhere and no one has even heard of Zumba let alone offers any classes.

  11. I did Zumba a couple of times its a fun way to work out for sure! I need to go find me another class because I truly loved it!!!

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