Meal Prep For Beginners

meal prepMeal prepping is a must when it comes to staying on track and eating healthy.

With my full time job and my other full time job (Mommy) leaves very letting time to make healthy decisions. My job (the one that pays the bills) requires me to eat out at least twice a week and breakfast can get tricky especially when I am running late. That’s when meal prep saved me and gave me no excuse but to eat healthy.

If I didn’t meal prep I would have never lost the weight along with working out! My number one weakness and strength at the same time is organization and my planner is my best friend. Every Friday morning I sit and think about the meals I plan on making for my family and I for the week. When I think about what meals I want to make for my family I always consider what I already have at home especially from my co-op.


The only way you can be successful at meal prepping is if you have some of these

  1. Menu Planner. You have to know what your are making every day so you don’t get sidetrack and grab a burger because it’s “convenient”. It’s always important to write it down and it also helps with your grocery shopping.
  2. Schedule a date. Know what day will work best when it comes to meal prepping. I meal prep on Sundays because it’s just easier for my household and I typically start when nap time happens!
  3. Get Containers. I love my containers I got off Amazon. Rubbermaid works but I like to have my specific containers that I only use for my meals.
  4. Calories. I hate when I see people meal prep and it’s horrible and nothing but fat. Know what your cooking and know how many calories you are putting in your body!

Meal prepping has helped making healthy decisions so easy for me. I grab my breakfast and lunch and go about my way!

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30 thoughts on “Meal Prep For Beginners

  1. I am SOOO bad at this. I am that mom that scrambles at the last minute to whip something up. I need to start prepping!!

  2. We are quite busy here too so we menu plan. I have to have a detailed list when I go shopping or I find the trip frustrating and I end up having to go back! I pack my hubby’s lunch so he doesn’t have to buy anything and not only does it save money but time too!

  3. Really great tips! I love to cook and have prepped a mil meals already in my day, but would have LOVED your tips if I was starting out. The containers are a must. I go through a lot…and find that organization is key!
    Karen |

  4. It is true organization is my shortcoming too and at the moment I am in this funk when I am doing everything last minute because my workload is so intense. I need to start prepping meals again.

  5. I meal prep occasionally but most the time I’m home for lunch and dinner. However May will see a schedule change and one late work night so that may change.I’d add portion control to your list. So many people get thrown by portions. Make at least 1/2 your container colorful veggies!

  6. Meal prep is so important, not only if you’re losing weight, but just to maintain a healthy diet. Often restaurants, even healthy options are loaded with cal.

  7. I am fantastic at meal planning. I plan the entire week’s of meals out every weekend and we purchase enough for my husband and I to have lunch the next day. What I fail at is taking the meat out of the freezer the night before! GAH!!! All that hard work and we end up making a frozen pizza anyhow for everyone else and I forage.

  8. I have three little ones at home, so meal prep is pretty much a necessity. It helps to have a lot of fresh vegetable salads and grains already cooked and ready for me in the fridge.

  9. It’s so good to stick to a meal plan if you wish to lose weight so that you can stay on track. Definetely need to meal prep more though!

  10. I have handled meal prepping in phases. Some weeks I handle it like a champ, but other days I’m absolutely horrible at it. This post makes me want to get at it again!

  11. These are great tips, especially the one about making sure you have containers. It’s best to have everything you need so meals are easy to pack and go!

  12. I love your simple but very helpful tips! I certainly believe getting a set of containers help. I remember when I bought mine I was so encouraged to use it. After I prepare the dinner meal I would immediately put some in my to-go container so it’ll be ready for tomorrow’s lunch!

  13. I started to meal prep but it just doesn’t work for my family. The one who cooks is my boyfriend and he never knows what he’s going to make so I just have to make sure I’m eating on time throughout the day.

  14. I need to start meal prepping. Most days, I’m lucky if I am getting dinner on the table. I am always running to the grocery store on my way home to grab something for dinner because I didn’t plan a meal and didn’t pull any meat out of the freezer.

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