Meal Prepping Week Of August 7

Meal Prepping

Meal prepping and planning has to be a priority if you want to shed the weight and keep the weight off. When people ask me how I did it– well it’s simple– Move more eat less! Watch what you put in your mouth. You can’t eat 2 donuts and expect to lose weight because that was the only thing you had all day!

If your not sure how to meal prep check out this great post I wrote Meal Prep 101. I am thinking about starting a series but want to hear what you think of me helping you with your meal prep! I plan all my meals including dinner for the following week starting on Fridays and meal prep every Sunday. baked-chicken-meal

If you have not looked at Targets grocery section well you need to start. This chicken is originally$6 and I got it for $3! I love finding a good deal on anything but healthy food makes me feel like I have won the lottery. When buying chicken you should always make sure your chicken is 100% all real chicken because some chicken will say including RIB MEAT…..


Meal Prep Week of August 7

BreakfastBanana Almond Protein Muffins

Lunch– Baked Chicken (Trader Joes Seasoning) with a Spinach and Kale salad w/ cucumbers and tomatoes

Snack– Tangerine & Quest Bar ( not shown)


I also tried the Hidden Valley Cucumber Ranch and it is so good! My kids also loved it with their carrots that I packed for lunch! Also these cute containers are from Walmart and I got these for $1.50 from their Back To School section! Meal prepping is the key to staying healthy, losing weight and not spending any unnecessary money on fast food. Sunday is a little hard but it is worth it because during the week it saves me time and money.

I want to hear from you, would you like me to help you on meal prepping and planning?

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