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“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, Body and Spirit”

Listen to your mind, body and soul. These words are so important to me. I listen to my body and thoughts. Does that sound a little nutty?! Probably! I am very into listening to whatever my inner voice is telling me. Last week I decided I needed a week break. I finally found out why my body was not healing, it was because I was not getting any rest. Life is hectic, life is busy and self inflicted pain is something that could be avoided. I needed a break from social media and blogging. How could I need a break from something I truly love? I love my kids but this weekend I am dropping them off at my parents house and this mama will have a break.

I created this blog because I wanted to first blog my journey on losing the baby weight but then I really got into fitness and my life has truly changed.


Fitness Check 

This mama gained 5lbs and it wasn’t in muscle. With everyone being sick including myself I skipped the gym, the home work outs and ate like there was no tomorrow. TODAY, starts my jump rope challenge! I am so excited and its similar to my plank challenge which was a big hit! I have cut out carbs for lunch and dinner and increasing my veggies with every meal! I fell back on the bandwagon of drinking soda, so that is completely out! I am human, I cry and I crave carbs (in that order)! The great thing about being in my position is I know what my body needs and how I can take care of my body. Disappointment is the word that has taken over. Not because I gained the weight, but because I got in a place in my life where I didn’t realize I needed a break but put myself into a downward spiral.

I am human, I am a mom and a blogger and this is my life. I love to be transparent because that’s why I am here!

TODAY, starts back to taking care of me and eating right again (since I just downed a bag of chips yesterday)! The positive is dinner is still really healthy, and I am so excited that my kids love to eat healthy at least I am doing that right! I am a mom of two, a wife, I struggle everyday like you with good decisions and bad decision but everyday is a learning lesson and thats what make life beautiful.

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I love looking at these pictures, because this is a reminder on why I am doing this and these are a constant reminder on what my goal is.

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23 thoughts on “Mommy Check In

  1. There is some great advice in this post. I love that you address that gaining a few lbs can happen as a part of life but it’s important to not just address the weight, but how wearing yourself thin can be the culprit. That’s awesome your kids love eating healthy too. I always say that if someone doesn’t like any healthy food, they just haven’t tried it enough times.

  2. You look great and are an inspiration, It is truly a day to day thing and I applaud you for all the healthy changes you have made in your life.

  3. You look amazing Mama and are such an inspiration. I used to be a fitness nut, but since becoming a mom (a-hem 11 1/2 years ago) I’ve struggled with consistency.

  4. You can do it! I need to get back on the bandwagon too. I kicked caffeine but sugar is absolutely killing me.

  5. Once you become a mom, it doesn’t mean you should forget taking about yourself. First and foremost, you need a sound mind and a healthy body in order for you to effectively take care of a baby. This is amazing, what you’re doing for yourself! Keep it up and keep moving!

  6. Congrats on your success!! I think we all take steps back whether on purpose or accident, so important to reevaluate where you are on your journey as well!

  7. You look fab! Consistency is key, one bad week won’t make you pile on the pounds the same as one good week won’t mean you’ll lose them. So long as you’re eating a (mostly) healthy diet and find some exercise you enjoy you’ll keep the weight off.

  8. Oh we have all been sick too and it’s so hard when that happens! A jump rope challenge sounds like a great idea! I need to get one from myself and my daughter.

  9. Way to go! You should be very proud of yourself! I recently became a vegan and lost 10 lbs without really doing anything but change my diet…Now I feel like I need to start thinking a little more about what I eat since I am a bit of a carbaholic!

  10. You totally inspired me to start taking care for my body. I won’t be able to just eat what I want and not gain weight forever. I need a fitness routine to keep me in shape and also mentally fit!

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