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Today starts our new series! For the next couple of months I will feature moms that I want my readers to “meet”. Motivation and family are two major factors that played into these women’s life. These moms made their healthy and weight loss important and a priority in their life along with running a household.

I wanted to start this for many reason but because I love having stories I can give to my readers, to inspire you that you can do it. We are all busy but losing weight is 50 % prepping and planning and 50% doing it!I have clients that I train to help lose weight. I sit down with them, we come up with meal plans and workout plans. To say one meal plan and one work out plan works for all is silly. Everyone is different, everyone is built differently and real trainers know that. The main excuse I hear is “not enough time” but these mommies featured here have beat all odds. Meet our first Mommy……. Me!


Meet: Denea Laurier

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Tell me a little about yourself?

I am a Marketing Sales Manager by Day, Zumba instructor by night. I have two beautiful kids that are exact opposite of each other and my husband is my best friend. My life is not perfect but it’s my life and I wouldn’t change it!


How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

3 year old boy and 1 year old girl!


Were you active before you had kids? If so what activities did you do regularly? (Biking, Running, Etc.)

 I was not active at all. Walking back and fourth to and from the car was about it. I did do the Color Run but I walked it LOL!


Tell me about your weight struggle?

I never struggled with my weight until I went to college. Instead of gaining the freshman 15 I gained the freshman 45! My eating was terrible and I am grateful I am still alive thats how horrible my eating was!


What was your biggest insecurity after having your kid(s) about your self image?

My entire body changed. My body now has stretch marks and my hips were bigger right along with my stomach. The biggest insecurity I had was gaining 60lbs and not being use to being so big. I am a small girl, 5’2 and petite and I know my body wasn’t made to be big!


What was your turning point when you knew you had to lose weight and get healthier?

I looked in the mirror right after I had my daughter and knew I was so unhappy and something had to change. I told my husband I wanted to lose weight but he heard that so many times he just blew me off. He was over my “fad” diets and my “working out” and not seeing any results.

When I compare these side by side I am truly amazed at how far I have come! The picture last year was one month postpartum. I just had a baby, was breastfeeding and potty training my 2 year old on this very day! Today I am taking care of my mind, body and soul! I am a Zumba instructor and now taking my certification to become a personal trainer. #transformationtuesday #fitmom #zumba #zumbainstructor #zin #fit #strongissexy #ohchicmom #fitspiration #fitmomsofig

Tell me about your work out routine?

I would work out minimum of 3 days a week. I found my love for Zumba and attended 2 classes a week and one day I would do weights!


Tell me about your eating routine?

I learned to meal prep! I cut out a lot but not all sugars and carbs!


What exercises did you incorporate into your weight loss?

Zumba and weight lifting!


The biggest obstacle you faced when losing weight? Did you ever gain the weight back?

Curving the craving of sweets. I have a chronic sweet tooth and I love anything chocolate!


What is the best advice you can give to Mommies out there that are struggling to lose weight or even get motivated?

Find your motivation! Go for it. Put a picture in your phone of what you want to look like. Look at that picture the days you don’t want to go to the gym!


What helped you on your journey of weight loss?(friends, family, support groups)

My husband pushed me. Days I wanted to sit on the couch he made me get up! Now he doesn’t have to! I am thankful at how supportive he was thought the process.


What is your motto?

“Dance like today is your last day living”


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