A Mothers Guilt: When You Put Yourself First


Here is to the lady in the mirror that doesn’t feel good enough. Who is tired from sleepless nights from a 10 month old baby. Who has worked all day and still manages to get home to the kids and husband, make dinner and rushes to get to the gym. Here is to the mom that is looking in the mirror feeling some type of guilt because the time she is spending at the gym could be spent with her kids. Here is to the mom that lifts that bar and feels weak not only physically but mentally. Who can’t do another push up, plank or even jumping jack.


I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I am that mom. This week has been rougher then most weeks. We all have our days where we feel guilty because we are choosing to put ourselves first by going to the gym for an hour. For taking some “mommy time” and putting her needs before her families. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We all have those days, but make sure you take out all of your anger and aggression in the gym.

It is difficult to put ourselves before our family and I am learning that, this is a normal feeling. Is it right?! I am not sure and still looking for the answer. One thing I do know is, sometimes I need to get my thoughts together or sort things out and the best place for that is the gym. This week has been especially hard because I have been to the gym everyday so far and have not really spent tons of time with my kids. Yes, I feel guilty but no matter how perfect my schedule is planned out I think I will always feel guilty. When you have bad days know your not alone, that it is ok if you skip the gym to spend time with your family. When you have those days stay home and wait for the kids to go to bed. Pop in the workout DVD and get your sweat on. There is so much pressure on us as moms, women, and wives that you don’t need to be even harder on yourself. This is why home workouts are so important and why I have to keep reminding myself why I created OH CHIC MOM. I created this brand because I know the struggles of working out, eating right and by nature putting yourself last. Don’t get me wrong, I have an awesome husband that helps out but he can’t fill my shoes, just like I can fill his shoes. So if you are having those days, know your not alone and you can do anything!

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17 thoughts on “A Mothers Guilt: When You Put Yourself First

  1. I never, ever put myself first which is horrible.
    How can I pour into the little people in my life if I have nothing to give?
    Honestly, I still struggle with this today. The kids have new clothes, I need new clothes.
    The kids get hair cuts…I go once a year.
    But, I am getting better! Slowly but surely I am showing them that they need to take care of themselves first then take care of others!

  2. Moms are selfless superheroes, yet I’d never call myself that. We’re always doing for everyone else but ourselves, and that’s not always good. My husband and I made our garage a gym 1) In the long run it was cheaper 2) We can still be near the kids and they can join in 3) there’s no excuse the gym is right there. (We’ve still made excuses…) Today, we’re boxing and the kids will probably play basketball while we do so. I wish we would’ve done this years ago, but for so long we didn’t do for us.

  3. I definitely have weeks where I feel super guilty taking care of myself but it is needed. My family is much better off when I am healthy. Plus it shows the kids that exercise is important.

  4. It is totally normal to feel that way. Women are so used to putting everyone first and it takes such a toll on us. Working out helps for sure.

  5. It’s not easy to put ourselves first before our family. Most of the time we do the opposite, we put our family or other people first before ourselves. Very insightful post!

  6. I personally think that it is important to have me-time. Mostly I feel guilty as well but I enjoy being for me a little bit. Nice blogpost!!!

  7. I love that you’ve refocused your vision for your blog! And reading this helped me become familiar with what you’re all about. I’ll support any like-minded woman trying to stay fit and healthy from home. Momming isn’t easy, but it’s crucial to take care of you! Keep up the good work!

  8. Everyone needs to come first sometimes, even mothers. I am not sure why society seems to feel that mothers who put themselves first sometimes can be selfish but that same feeling is not always directed towards dads.

  9. I used to feel guilty all the time but now I’ve earned that if I’m not feeling good about myself then I won’t be any good to anyone. We’ve got to learn to put ourselves first with some things and not feel guilty about it.

  10. It never feels like there is a good way to balance ‘me’ time and family time. It always feels like something is being neglected. In either case, you are so right, moms have to find time to love and care for themselves or they will burn out and then the entire family is affected.

  11. I think that with kids putting yourself first becomes incredibly difficult – because they rely on you for everything. I have been learning over the past couple years that if I don’t put myself first, I burn out, and then am no good to anyone!

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