Save Money At Your Favorite Stores Using Groupon Coupons

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What is better than Groupon? Groupon has coupons!

I remember when I was young and careless with money. I never looked for a sale or a coupon and didn’t know the definition of saving. Now that I am a Mother, Wife and running a household I always look for ways to save money.

Before I plan a trip (couples or family) I always look on Groupon and honestly I didn’t start doing that until my husband told me what great deals they have on local travel and out of town travel. Now learning about Groupon Coupons is just icing on a Chocolate Cake! They have great deals for practically every store you can think of. There are no gimmicks and all you need is an email to receive some of the coupons.

Being a Zumba instructor, you can never have enough work out clothes! With two kids I have enough laundry so I like to buy a lot of workout clothes. Spending more than $100 for a pair of stretch pants and maybe 2 sports bras is normal so I was so excited to discover these coupons. I used Groupon Coupons from Old Navy and Nike to purchase some great sports bras and running shoes and saved tons of money.

You can find great deals from:


*24 Hour Fitness (gym I use to have a membership at)



*Old Navy  and so many more stores!

If you want to save a dollar and still shop at your favorite stores make sure you check out Groupon Coupons

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19 thoughts on “Save Money At Your Favorite Stores Using Groupon Coupons

  1. I’m a fan of saving money whenever I can! Right there with you being a mom & wife with a household to run! I tried Groupon once in the past and wasn’t that impressed. Maybe it’s time I give it another shot!

  2. I just found out about Groupon coupons a while back (and posted about it too) and love that they have this option! Makes it so helpful when shopping to just save that much more moola!
    Karen |

  3. Groupon is amazing and it has helped me save a lot of money, that’s for sure. I’m always on the look out for their latest offers and deals, because it’s worth it. For the people who haven’t tried groupon yet, they are missing out on a lot of good shopping deals and huge savings!

  4. Groupon is great. I am right there with you, I never appreciated a coupon until recently. There is always something to buy, especially for the little ones!

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