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Now I am not a fan of protein shakes. I have probably tried millions of protein shakes just to say I did and have hated all but probably 4. Honestly the only reason I haven’t hated all of them is because I have doctored the protein shake up by adding a banana or an extra scoop of something yummy but healthy. All of the protein shakes taste very chalky and just plain disgusting until I found this heaven on earth! I am already a big fan of anything Skinny Girl from the protein bars, to the alcohol so I thought I would give this a try. I mean I have already tried every other nasty protein shake known to man so why not!

First, lets talk about how sophisticated and ‘cool’ I felt after drinking this. The bottle is not only cute and I love anything cute but its very clean looking and you just feel super sophisticated! I am usually a chocolate kind of girl but I also love my ice cream so I thought I would give this a try. FullSizeRender-3

Not only does it really taste like an ice cream but you honestly forget your even drinking a “protein shake”. Yes, something that is actually good for you. I was actually on my way from school drop off to the dentist and forgot to eat so I stop by my house ran inside and drank this on the way to my appointment. Like I said before I always throw a banana in the blender with the protein shake or a tsp of almond butter just to get over that chalky flavor but with this protein shake you don’t even have that problem because it’s so good!

If your on the go like me but know that you have to get something in your system this is such a great ‘go to’! This is sold at Walmart! I give this product 5 stars!!!!


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