Is Your Smoothies Making You Fat?


It seems like when people try to lose weight, the first thing the go to is making smoothies in the morning! Yes, smoothies are so yummy and I even make smoothies for my picky eater!

I am making sure he is getting the proper greens and the proper fruits for the rest of the day, because with him who knows what he will choose to eat or not eat. The way I make his smoothies are completely different than the way I make my smoothies. I load his smoothies up with avocado, spinach, fruit and will even add some honey for the taste, because lets face it I only have one shot to get it right with him. Making a smoothie is my way of plumping him up because he is a little stick!

My smoothies couldn’t be way more different because I want a different result. I remember when I was talking to a friend I asked her what she put in her smoothie and everything she told me sounded great but I knew it was only making her gain weight. Again, I am not a personal trainer or a certified nutritionist and I am not claiming to be. I am a mom that got pregnant 2 times within 2 years and I know what has worked for me and what is working for me.


If your the one of the million people in the world that love a good smoothie in the morning lets make sure we are doing it right. Here are 4 ways your smoothies can be making you fat!

Fiber– Do you have enough fiber? Many people make the mistake of adding fruit or veggies that contain little to none fiber. Fiber is what makes you feel full. Try adding Kale over Spinach to your smoothie.

Portion Control- Just like anything watching how much smoothie you are actually drinking can be tricky. I love my Ninja and would be completely lost with out it! The problem with the ninja is even the small cup is still pretty big. I only will drink 8-12oz of a smoothie depending on what I am eating for the rest of the day. After I make my smoothie, I typically will measure it out in my blender bottle because the oz. are right on the side of the bottle.

Protein- I love adding in my protein powder to every smoothie. That way I know I am getting more than enough protein for breakfast and I don’t have to worry about what veggies don’t contain protein or does contain protein. If you are not a fan of protein powder try through in greek yogurt or almond butter. Just be careful of the portions.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar- Just because you have fruits and veggies and your fiber and protein doesn’t mean its completely healthy. When your body breaks down fruit it turns into sugar. Watch how much fruit your putting into your smoothie!



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18 thoughts on “Is Your Smoothies Making You Fat?

  1. Good tips! I don’t do smoothies very often, but I do try to be aware of how much I’m drinking and how much sugar is in them.

  2. We make our own smoothies which helps control the content. I do enjoy the ones from stores though and often wonder how many calories I am drinking,

  3. Would you say it is better to make vegetable smoothies instead? I actually want to put on weight so what would you recommend would be good bearing in mind I have stomach issues and get bloated/sore tummy really easily!

  4. wow, loving this article. I do believe that the smoothies you buy from stores aren’t as good for you. Love this recipe and will certainly try it out.

  5. I’m always surprised how many people don’t realize how much sugar is in fruit, especially without fiber. It’s all about moderation!

  6. Omg I’ve heard people gaining weight from smoothies and I’m convinced it’s from drinking more calories than you eat. Sometimes you end up drinking more if depending on what your ingredients are

  7. Good advice! I’ve always used spinach in my smoothies and haven’t tried kale before. I wonder if you have to cook it or chop it up first? Kale can be awfully crunchy…

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