Summer Body Boot Camp

Losing weight or getting healthy for me meant Lean Cuisine, counting calories and doing a fad “detox”! Honestly I can’t remember when I ate a lean cuisine.

Don’t get me wrong they are tasty, but there is crap in them and the sodium in one meal is off the charts. Ever since I made a commitment to this new lifestyle September 2015 I knew that I needed to educate myself on portions, food and anything I am putting into my body. I am still learning and know I have changed my eating patterns so much. Instead of snacking on chips, I snack on nuts, veggies or fruit. Yes, if I crave chocolate– I have an amazing chocolate bar protein bar that I live on.

It’s amazing what your body will do if you treat it right with adequate nutrition, sleep and exercise! Are you committed to turning your life around? The goal in life is not to get skinny but to get healthy!

Registration is NOW OPEN for my brand new Summer Body Boot Camp! 

You will get all your workouts (you will do from home with no equipment), 30 superfood meal, support, daily accountability, motivation and your own meal plan you need to get the results you need and learn how to keep those results forever and ever! You’ll learn how to NEVER diet again and live a healthy and Happy life! 

Learn how to love your body, stop stressing over food and get to the body you crave while still enjoying the things you love! My groups always fill up fast so if you want in email me!

**Only open to women who live the US and Canada who and are not already a coach or working with one**

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25 thoughts on “Summer Body Boot Camp

  1. Sounds like you are running a great group. I need to eat better. I used to count all my calories, but stopped and need to start up again.

  2. Learning intuitive eating has been huge for me when it comes to body positivity and feel good about were my body is at! I hope your group goes well, it’s always good to have a support system, it’s why I have been able to reach my goals!

  3. Sounds pretty awesome! i had baby #7 last August and I am still struggling. I would love to do a boot camp like this!

  4. I appreciate that you said the important thing is not to get skinny but healthy! I’m personally very skinny by nature and I can assure you it’s not as great as many people think! While everyone around me wishes to be skinnier I wish I could look healthier! And I recently started a diet to gain weight in a healthy way

  5. It’s important to do your research and not just jump in all those diets that people are trying to talk you into. There are plenty of ways to become healthy and food is a beautiful way to do that, you just have to know what works for you and your body.

  6. Totally agree with you! Whenever I drift back to eating crap I feel utterly terrible. It’s just so easy to go back to pot noodle and some toast though. Argh! x

  7. This sounds so fun! I know so many people who are getting summer body ready and a program with meal ideas and exercise ideas is the perfect way to go!!

  8. This sounds like a great group. It is so much easier to workout and get healthy when you have a strong support system behind you! Best of luck!

  9. I wish there was a boot camp near me because group exercise has so many advantages. Your transformation was amazing. I need a little improvement in some areas that are so difficult to change.

  10. I stopped eating frozen meals after my nutritionist told me how bad they were for you. Now I’m an ingredient reading fiend. I prefer to eat more plant-based whole foods instead of those full of preservatives. Staying healthy is easier when you start with the right ingredients.

  11. What a great way to feel motivated and supported! Healthy food and exercise is so important but it’s not never easy to make these lifestyle changes.

  12. Ooooo nothing better than a good ole boot camp!!!! It’s important to find the program that is right for you and the thing you will actually stick to

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