Am I just selling superfoods and workouts?


I sell a service. A package deal. A lifestyle change.

  • I educate you
  • I support you
  • I try to inspire you
  • I motivate you
  • I share my knowledge
  • I know first hand your struggle because I was you.
  • I break your bad habits and create new good habits
  • I dont sell a product……………………..I COACH


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Summer Body Boot Camp

Losing weight or getting healthy for me meant Lean Cuisine, counting calories and doing a fad “detox”! Honestly I can’t remember when I ate a lean cuisine.

Don’t get me wrong they are tasty, but there is crap in them and the sodium in one meal is off the charts. Ever since I made a commitment to this new lifestyle September 2015 I knew that I needed to educate myself on portions, food and anything I am putting into my body. I am still learning and know I have changed my eating patterns so much. Instead of snacking on chips, I snack on nuts, veggies or fruit. Yes, if I crave chocolate– I have an amazing chocolate bar protein bar that I live on.

It’s amazing what your body will do if you treat it right with adequate nutrition, sleep and exercise! Are you committed to turning your life around? The goal in life is not to get skinny but to get healthy!

Registration is NOW OPEN for my brand new Summer Body Boot Camp! 

You will get all your workouts (you will do from home with no equipment), 30 superfood meal, support, daily accountability, motivation and your own meal plan you need to get the results you need and learn how to keep those results forever and ever! You’ll learn how to NEVER diet again and live a healthy and Happy life! 

Learn how to love your body, stop stressing over food and get to the body you crave while still enjoying the things you love! My groups always fill up fast so if you want in email me Ohchicmom@gmail.com!

**Only open to women who live the US and Canada who and are not already a coach or working with one**


top-5gifts-for-a-yogiYoga can be foreign to some people! I mean the first time I tried Yoga (because a friend made me) I was so confused and didn’t feel relaxed at all. Actually I was sweating a lot and it wasn’t because I was doing Hot Yoga.

If you know some that is a true “Yogi” these gifts are probably up their alley!


01. Everyone loves to look cute going to the gym and these cute Women’s Yoga Tank Tops are adorable!

02. Who doesn’t love a cute bag to carry all of your yoga stuff in? This bag fits perfectly for everything from your Yoga Mat to your Yoga blocks.

03. After Yoga, you must clean your mat from all the sweat! This all natural mat cleaner is the solution to all that nastiness that gets on the mat. It has a great minty smell which is a plus!!

04. For those of you that think yoga is just stretching with a mat you are WRONG. Yoga is about meditating through stretching and sometimes those stretches you use Yoga wedges and straps. Take it from someone that does yoga now. You can never have too many wedges!!

05. Maybe this person is not a Yogi yet but has expressed interest in Yoga. The perfect gift would be a few sessions at a local yoga studio and an entire Yoga for beginners kit! You can thank me later!

Yoga has really changed my life with my anxiety and stress. You can thank me later for all of these great gift ideas!

-Happy Holidays




Staying on track is extremely hard and it takes dedication to avoid those cookie, pies and holiday potlucks at your job. Is it possible? Yes! I did it last year! If you have a goal in sight there is no stopping you no matter what holiday it is. You can still lose that weight that you want. I missed out on my Starbucks holiday drinks, didn’t have pie and avoiding two potlucks at my job.

This year is a little different because I have exceeded my goal and I now have to tools to get me through the holidays without any guilt.

  1. EAT SWEET TREATS- In moderation, It’s all about moderation! It is ok to splurge and I like to splurge but I also make sure it is set in my mind that I can’t undo all of my work and progress because it is easy to get put in that mind frame.
  2. POSITIVE EFFORTS- Make an effort to have at least one consistent healthy meal. Every morning I have my Shakeology drink and I always make sure no matter what I plan on eating for that day or doing that day I know I am getting my Superfoods. Also load up on your veggies, if you have to have that bad food at least load up on your veggies and make your plate colorful!
  3. TAKE THAT WALK- Keep your work out routine. If you are visiting family and can’t keep up with going to a gym, go for a walk. I love evening walks right after dinner. So take that walk. Burn some calories and make it fun, have the kids or family join you!

Staying on track is hard but you can do it! Always stay focused on your goal that you have set for yourself. This holiday season I am committed to working out everyday with some rest days and continue to transform myself.



Can you believe it’s that time of year again?!

Hobby Lobby and Target is taken over by Christmas Trees and Santa Claus! I love this time of the year but if your like me well you probably hate when your spouse asks you, what do you want or trying to figure out what to get people.

I like to think of myself as an expert because I have actually asked a few women that take my Zumba class, what is on their list this year! Here is your official gift guide and you can thank me later!!


1. Fitbit Charge 2 :is simply amazing! I am in love with my Fitbit but recently I upgraded to one of the newest models! I love everything about it and gifts like this is perfect for the Mom that needs a little motivation to put some pep in her step! I connect this to My Fitness Pal and this is my personal trainer! The best part is, it will yell at you if your not stepping!

2. LIFT Certified Meal Prep Containers: this mama can never have enough meal prep containers. For a fit mom meal prepping is a major part of life! I have used so many different meal prep containers and just like socks I always lose the 1!


3. Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Bottle : As I write this I am struggling to drink this bottle of water!fresh-fushion-water-bottle Some days I can drink all of my water with no problem and some days I need some mint or strawberries to make my water taste like juice! This
not only comes with a recipe book but also you can use this bottle for a protein shake.

4. Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App: I love my scale. I think this scale is not only amazing but I don’t have to remember what I weighed in 8 months ago because it also connects right with My Fitness Pal App. Not only is weight important but so is the percentage of body fat.

5. Aozora Combo Yoga Mat: This mat is perfect for anyone that loves yoga and especially hot yoga or pilates. Not only is this non slip but after a sweaty class I threw it right in the washer machine!

Vooray- Roadie-Small-Gym-Bag

6.Vooray Roadie 16″ Small Gym Bag: This bag is perfect to throw in my car and to put in my gym locker. Not only is this bag cute but it’s practical!

These gifts are not only perfect for the fit mom but from someone who works in this line of work all of these products you will not go wrong!!!


Tomorrow I start my 30 day program. This is Core- Strength- Toning program! I am so excited to see where my body will be in 30 days and I will be on a food program also. I am already missing my wine! Want to find out more email me : ohchicmom@gmail.com #coredeforce #strengthtraining #core #healthy #fit #ohchicmom #fitmom #fitmomofig #toningup
Tis the season to gain weight and be Merry! It’s that time of the year when you gain a bunch of weight because all of the goodies. I am in Marketing/ Sales for my day job which means my schedule will soon get filled with lots of Holiday parties. Reps from other companies will stop by with yummy treats and like always I will have to make a healthy conscious decision on what I want to do. I will prove that I can lose weight during the holidays.

I have recently taken my measurements and stepped on the scale and I gained 10lbs. I am definitely disappointed in myself, but I know what I will have to do to get back on track. I came this far and know I have the tools I need to lose those stupid 10lbs. I kind of knew I gained weight when those pants became a little tight LOL! I have picked up some not so healthy habits and I am proud to say I am at it again.

Today I started a new 30 day fitness program CORE DE FORCE and I am so excited to see the result. I am taking out my Holiday stress on a new workout. I wanted to start this program because this is not only a MMA inspired workout but I recently discover I still have no ab muscles from having my daughter. This plan comes with a meal plan, a 30 day calendar on which workouts to do and when. I hope to share my journey and experience here with you. I have always been a girl who loves to go to the gym so this will be a different experience doing the workouts from home.

My goal is 2 things——— 1. Inspire someone anyone to make the change to become healthier and 2. Push myself. 

I will share my meals, my struggles, my wins, and I will be completely honest here. I am even pushing myself to do a lot more Vlogs! I literally hate the way I sound so this will be interesting and the irony is I had my own radio station and I received my undergrad degree in Broadcasting!

Meal Prep Sunday! #happysunday #fitmom #mealprep #coredeforcechallenge

If you want to find out more, email me at ohchicmom@gmail.com

HOW TO WALK 10,000 Steps a Day


It seems as if everyone is tracking their daily steps. Between pedometers, higher end fitness bands like a Fitbit or an UP3 by Jawbone, or even just using your phone to track your movement, there is no excuse to not know how many steps a day you are taking. When you track your steps, you are challenging yourself to live a healthier life each and every day. It is also nice to compare your progress and push yourself to reach new fitness goals.

 Here’s how to reach 10,000 Steps a Day:

  1. Create a challenge for yourself. This can be anything you want that requires walking. Maybe you want to walk to the store instead of driving once a week or walk for thirty minutes every day after dinner. Walking 10,000 steps daily will help keep you active during the times when it is hardest. Start slowly so that you can achieve this step milestone in time. When I first started using my FitBit, I was surprised to see only 2,000 a day when I worked at an indoor office job. I slowly made sure to get to 5,000 each day before it was a breeze to get to 10,000.
  1. Make a specific goal. Keep track of what you normally walk in a day so that you can have an average step count. Next, you will want to make a goal to increase your steps by a certain percentage. For example, let’s say that you walk 3,600 steps a day right now. You will want to increase that amount by at least 10% for a week. Check your progress and then repeat! You will soon reach 10,000 steps a day.

When you record your steps daily, it will be easier to see how you have been doing. Some days it will be easy to reach your goal, but other days may be a struggle. Don’t give up!

  1. Track your moods. Do you feel motivated? Are you having issues reaching your goal? What is holding you back? At first you may not feel like walking 10,000 steps a day will be a huge increase or be a big improvement in your life. This is especially true in the beginning when you feel like you want to give up. Evaluate how you feel after you reach your targeted walking goal.

If you struggled to meet your goal, brainstorm ways to reach it daily. Get creative! Take the stairs, park further away when you are shopping, and use your lunch breaks to get up and move around.

  1. Make it fun. Download audiobooks that you only listen to as you walk or start listening to podcasts. This is how I “trick” myself into walking more since the only time I can finish my current novel or catch up on my favorite podcast is by walking around the block with my smartphone!

Does 10,000 daily steps sound overwhelming? It should inspire you to live a healthy life. Feel better and get fit with these tips to reach your milestone!

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Staying Motivated While On The Weight Loss Journey


Starting a workout challenge is easy, but staying motivated is hard.

Saying you will work out 5 times a week and eat right is easy but when you want to just stay in the bed or your favorite type of pizza is put in front of you making the right decision is hard.

I remember coming home from work and just laying in my bed. I had a hard day at work and all I wanted to do was grab a glass of wine and crawl in my bed. We all have days like that, and it’s so normal but you have to remember you have a goal. Many people asked me how I stayed motivated to work out and to eat right and the answer for me was simple. I was tired of not being able to fit my pants and I wanted to change my health, my lifestyle. I believe that there has to come a point in everyones life where you just want to see a change in your body, and mind. At least that how it was for me!

It was so easy for me to accept these challenges from personal trainers and the latest work out guru on Instagram but staying on track and keeping the momentum going has always been hard. Here are some things that helped me stay motivated while losing weight.



1. Changing your mind.

Exercise and fitness is not only about changing physically but you have to be mentally ready for this. It’s true do something consistently for 21 days and it becomes a habit! Remind yourself why you are changing your habits even if you need to put a motivational note in your workspace or on your mirror.

2.  Set Goals.

I believe in setting long term goals and short term goal. Baby steps when it comes to losing weight. Set goals like in 8 weeks I want to lose 10lbs. 6 months I want to lose 20lbs. Remember what you want in the long term and set little goals to get to the big goal.

3.Support system.

Like anything else we need people that will support us on our journey. Besides my husband, my best friend who lives in DC was also my support system. I remember times I would literally be laying in my bed and she would FaceTime and ask why I wasn’t in the gym. When I would give her my lame excuse she would tell me to call her only when I am in the gym heading to the car. Even from states away she still held me accountable. If I was craving something I would call her and she would help me come up with a healthier option then what I was craving.

4. Working Out=Fun.

Know what your work out style is. I am more of a group setting type of person. I love group work outs like Zumba or Body Pump and sometimes I like to just run on the treadmill. Switch it up. Sometimes working out can be so boring but don’t let it be!

5. Don’t beat yourself up.

Take one day at a time. Sometimes I would have days where I would eat 2 slices of cake instead of one, or some days I would crave fries and a soda and I would eat that plus more. I had to learn not to beat myself up over what I did that day. The only thing I could do is move on and wake up the next day with a clean slate and learn from my mistakes.


How To Do A Proper Plank Exercise

plank-exercise-how to

Getting to the gym is the first challenge, the second challenge is learning how to do exercises like planks.

After having my baby I had one of my friends tell me do a plank and see how long you can hold it for? I thought, what is a plank…. I didn’t want to ask so I “faked it” until I was corrected.  Who knew that this very exercise is what would help strengthen my core after having my baby! Naturally, being pregnant does something to your stomach muscles and after the baby you have to really work hard at getting those stomach muscles back! Some people are not sure even what a plank looks like or even how to do a plank!

How To Do A Proper Plank 

  1. Place your hands directly under your shoulders. The position should feel like your going to do a push up.
  2. Bend your elbows and put your weight on your forearms (not your hands)
  3. Your body should be in a straight line
  4. Stuck your belly button into your spine
  5. You should get as low to the ground as you can
  6. Hold this position

If you stick with this challenge you will strengthen your core muscles!


If you want to join the 21 plank challenge it is never too late!21-day-plankchallenge


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New You, New Year….. Nope, New Year– Healthier Me!

September 1 was when I started this lifestyle change. I was almost 2 months out from having my baby girl and knew I needed to make a change and couldn’t blame it on the baby fat 2 years later. I signed up for a gym, tried every class they offered and found my niche! Since September 1, I have lost 17LBS even with the holidays that just passed us! I guess a little more extra incentive I have is trying to fit into my wedding dress before my big day March 19!

I am not a personal trainer or do I get paid to promote products. I am a mother of 2 that truly believes that you can’t raise healthy children if you aren’t healthy. How can I tell my kids to eat all of their veggies or to drink their water if I am not leading by example. As a parent I want to be around as long as possible and want to be the healthiest I can be; Mind, Body and Spirit. Not only do I believe in eating right and exercising right but I also believe in taking care of my mental health. I am not at where I want to be yet but it all takes time, so I am super excited about having my reader come with me on this journey!

My goal is to push you to be the healthiest you, while pushing myself. Yes, being a mom I know we are busy taking care of our family but we have to also learn to take care of us. I am a full time Marketing Director and a blogger on top of being a mom of 2, so I know you can always find time to get your exercise in!