Staying on track is extremely hard and it takes dedication to avoid those cookie, pies and holiday potlucks at your job. Is it possible? Yes! I did it last year! If you have a goal in sight there is no stopping you no matter what holiday it is. You can still lose that weight that you want. I missed out on my Starbucks holiday drinks, didn’t have pie and avoiding two potlucks at my job.

This year is a little different because I have exceeded my goal and I now have to tools to get me through the holidays without any guilt.

  1. EAT SWEET TREATS- In moderation, It’s all about moderation! It is ok to splurge and I like to splurge but I also make sure it is set in my mind that I can’t undo all of my work and progress because it is easy to get put in that mind frame.
  2. POSITIVE EFFORTS- Make an effort to have at least one consistent healthy meal. Every morning I have my Shakeology drink and I always make sure no matter what I plan on eating for that day or doing that day I know I am getting my Superfoods. Also load up on your veggies, if you have to have that bad food at least load up on your veggies and make your plate colorful!
  3. TAKE THAT WALK- Keep your work out routine. If you are visiting family and can’t keep up with going to a gym, go for a walk. I love evening walks right after dinner. So take that walk. Burn some calories and make it fun, have the kids or family join you!

Staying on track is hard but you can do it! Always stay focused on your goal that you have set for yourself. This holiday season I am committed to working out everyday with some rest days and continue to transform myself.



Can you believe it’s that time of year again?!

Hobby Lobby and Target is taken over by Christmas Trees and Santa Claus! I love this time of the year but if your like me well you probably hate when your spouse asks you, what do you want or trying to figure out what to get people.

I like to think of myself as an expert because I have actually asked a few women that take my Zumba class, what is on their list this year! Here is your official gift guide and you can thank me later!!


1. Fitbit Charge 2 :is simply amazing! I am in love with my Fitbit but recently I upgraded to one of the newest models! I love everything about it and gifts like this is perfect for the Mom that needs a little motivation to put some pep in her step! I connect this to My Fitness Pal and this is my personal trainer! The best part is, it will yell at you if your not stepping!

2. LIFT Certified Meal Prep Containers: this mama can never have enough meal prep containers. For a fit mom meal prepping is a major part of life! I have used so many different meal prep containers and just like socks I always lose the 1!


3. Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Bottle : As I write this I am struggling to drink this bottle of water!fresh-fushion-water-bottle Some days I can drink all of my water with no problem and some days I need some mint or strawberries to make my water taste like juice! This
not only comes with a recipe book but also you can use this bottle for a protein shake.

4. Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App: I love my scale. I think this scale is not only amazing but I don’t have to remember what I weighed in 8 months ago because it also connects right with My Fitness Pal App. Not only is weight important but so is the percentage of body fat.

5. Aozora Combo Yoga Mat: This mat is perfect for anyone that loves yoga and especially hot yoga or pilates. Not only is this non slip but after a sweaty class I threw it right in the washer machine!

Vooray- Roadie-Small-Gym-Bag

6.Vooray Roadie 16″ Small Gym Bag: This bag is perfect to throw in my car and to put in my gym locker. Not only is this bag cute but it’s practical!

These gifts are not only perfect for the fit mom but from someone who works in this line of work all of these products you will not go wrong!!!


Tomorrow I start my 30 day program. This is Core- Strength- Toning program! I am so excited to see where my body will be in 30 days and I will be on a food program also. I am already missing my wine! Want to find out more email me : #coredeforce #strengthtraining #core #healthy #fit #ohchicmom #fitmom #fitmomofig #toningup
Tis the season to gain weight and be Merry! It’s that time of the year when you gain a bunch of weight because all of the goodies. I am in Marketing/ Sales for my day job which means my schedule will soon get filled with lots of Holiday parties. Reps from other companies will stop by with yummy treats and like always I will have to make a healthy conscious decision on what I want to do. I will prove that I can lose weight during the holidays.

I have recently taken my measurements and stepped on the scale and I gained 10lbs. I am definitely disappointed in myself, but I know what I will have to do to get back on track. I came this far and know I have the tools I need to lose those stupid 10lbs. I kind of knew I gained weight when those pants became a little tight LOL! I have picked up some not so healthy habits and I am proud to say I am at it again.

Today I started a new 30 day fitness program CORE DE FORCE and I am so excited to see the result. I am taking out my Holiday stress on a new workout. I wanted to start this program because this is not only a MMA inspired workout but I recently discover I still have no ab muscles from having my daughter. This plan comes with a meal plan, a 30 day calendar on which workouts to do and when. I hope to share my journey and experience here with you. I have always been a girl who loves to go to the gym so this will be a different experience doing the workouts from home.

My goal is 2 things——— 1. Inspire someone anyone to make the change to become healthier and 2. Push myself. 

I will share my meals, my struggles, my wins, and I will be completely honest here. I am even pushing myself to do a lot more Vlogs! I literally hate the way I sound so this will be interesting and the irony is I had my own radio station and I received my undergrad degree in Broadcasting!

Meal Prep Sunday! #happysunday #fitmom #mealprep #coredeforcechallenge

If you want to find out more, email me at



It’s a Monday! All things that could go wrong have went wrong. From not getting any sleep all weekend and it finally catching up to me, even this concealer can’t cover up everything I went through this weekend.

My life has been a wreck this weekend. It started with the toddler getting a fever at daycare, which means she had to get picked up. That turned into a crying, whining, disaster 1 year old not wanting to sleep, eat or play. She just wanted mommy and it was so hard because my 3 year old couldn’t understand why I couldn’t play with him. My hubby had to work all weekend, which meant it was just me and the kids!

Guess what?! I will still be in the gym today after work, I am up early writing this post……. I am motivated and determined to get strong. Working out doesn’t only make me strong physically but mentally. I feel empowered when I am lifting those weights and doing those reps. It is something about lifting and pushing your body to lengths you never thought you would make it.

I don’t work out to be skinny. I work out to be strong. Physically and mentally!

What is your motivation? Why do you hit the gym?



Start Small, End Big- 5 Tips To Help Win The Fat


After I had my daughter the last thing I literally wanted to do was go to a gym. I had no motivation at first, I mean really who could when a newborn doesn’t sleep at all. Let’s just say she is 10 months old and we are now mastering “sleep” and sometimes we win and some nights fighting sleep wins.

I remember signing up for the gym the same week I got cleared from the doctor. I felt fat, ugly and knew I needed a change. I paid for a trainer twice in my life ad regretted it because it was a lot of money and I saw no results.  I knew now paying for double the daycare and double the diapers, it wasn’t in our budget to get a trainer. It was up to me to take accountability and just like Nike “DO IT”! After doing the latest fad diets and trying everything, I finally found the secret. Here is how I won over my body fat!

  • Increase your water intake: They say your suppose to drink half your body weight in water! So if your 150lbs, drink 75oz…… Simple right?! Not at all, at least for me. I couldn’t drink one bottle, I have always hated water. The only way I became an avid water drinker is gradually increase water. To be honest sometimes I get sick of water and then I add my favorite Crystal Light! Start small and increase until you can drink half of your water weight!
  • Accountability: My accountability was my Fit Bit! It tracked how many steps I had taken a day and I loved to see everything in green. Also on Fit Bit, me and my friends would hold challenges…. This not only made it fun but it also made it feel like I wasn’t alone in the weight loss journey. You can also join Facebook groups. We have a group for Moms inspiring each other. Many times we get so caught up in taking care of our kids or taking care of everything else but we what we need to take care of…. OUR SELVES!
  • Set small goals: If someone was to tell me that I would workout 5 days a week, I would have just laughed. This is coming from the lady that hated to workout! Start going to the and set goals to work out 2 days a week and then the next week workout 3 days a week. Start small and end big!
  • Invest in yourself: You don’t have to join a gym. If its not in the budget or you just don’t have time workout at home! I have weights that I bought from Walmart and if I can’t make it to the gym I will do arm workouts. You can download apps that will show you what arm workouts to do! Also utilize the stairs in your house, we have stairs and I will lace up my sneakers and run up ad down. The video below is one of my workouts I will do if I can’t make the gym.
  • Celebrate: Celebrate the small wins. Celebrate when you drink more than 3 bottles of water. Through this entire process I remember saying, whatever I am so sick of this and it took the fun out of losing weight! Make sure you celebrate the things you are accomplishing no matter how small it may seem.



Enter To Win A 7 Day Meal Plan



It is the end of the month and I am just getting back from a wonderful vacation! I am working on a couple great things within the next couple of months! Lets start a contest! This will be opened until 10pm EST on May 22! I will raffle off a free 7 day meal plan. This meal plan is something I created for myself when I was trying to first jump start my body! I am so excited to be able to share this with you!

Fill out the form below to enter!

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Is Your Smoothies Making You Fat?


It seems like when people try to lose weight, the first thing the go to is making smoothies in the morning! Yes, smoothies are so yummy and I even make smoothies for my picky eater!

I am making sure he is getting the proper greens and the proper fruits for the rest of the day, because with him who knows what he will choose to eat or not eat. The way I make his smoothies are completely different than the way I make my smoothies. I load his smoothies up with avocado, spinach, fruit and will even add some honey for the taste, because lets face it I only have one shot to get it right with him. Making a smoothie is my way of plumping him up because he is a little stick!

My smoothies couldn’t be way more different because I want a different result. I remember when I was talking to a friend I asked her what she put in her smoothie and everything she told me sounded great but I knew it was only making her gain weight. Again, I am not a personal trainer or a certified nutritionist and I am not claiming to be. I am a mom that got pregnant 2 times within 2 years and I know what has worked for me and what is working for me.


If your the one of the million people in the world that love a good smoothie in the morning lets make sure we are doing it right. Here are 4 ways your smoothies can be making you fat!

Fiber– Do you have enough fiber? Many people make the mistake of adding fruit or veggies that contain little to none fiber. Fiber is what makes you feel full. Try adding Kale over Spinach to your smoothie.

Portion Control- Just like anything watching how much smoothie you are actually drinking can be tricky. I love my Ninja and would be completely lost with out it! The problem with the ninja is even the small cup is still pretty big. I only will drink 8-12oz of a smoothie depending on what I am eating for the rest of the day. After I make my smoothie, I typically will measure it out in my blender bottle because the oz. are right on the side of the bottle.

Protein- I love adding in my protein powder to every smoothie. That way I know I am getting more than enough protein for breakfast and I don’t have to worry about what veggies don’t contain protein or does contain protein. If you are not a fan of protein powder try through in greek yogurt or almond butter. Just be careful of the portions.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar- Just because you have fruits and veggies and your fiber and protein doesn’t mean its completely healthy. When your body breaks down fruit it turns into sugar. Watch how much fruit your putting into your smoothie!