Am I just selling superfoods and workouts?


I sell a service. A package deal. A lifestyle change.

  • I educate you
  • I support you
  • I try to inspire you
  • I motivate you
  • I share my knowledge
  • I know first hand your struggle because I was you.
  • I break your bad habits and create new good habits
  • I dont sell a product……………………..I COACH


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Wow! I cannot believe MAY is here! That means I am closer to having a 2 year old and closer to being another year in my fitness journey. The past couple of months have been crazy! I have took on a lot and had to balance everything and after all was said and done I went and took a vacation! After taking a few seconds to breathe and to reflect I decided to do what was best for my mental state of mind and focus on my goals.

With everything going on I put so much on the back burner. I do have to say I did keep on top of my nutrition for the most part. I say for the most part because I may have had too many Fries and I went back to drinking soda. Not good and not something that I am proud of but it’s a new month and I wont beat myself over what I did.

Have I gained weight?! Yes! Am I happy about it? No! Is it something I can lose?! Of course. I am still fitting in my pants but lets just say I am fitting! I am not ashamed to say this back fat has to go! These rolls have to go and get out of my life forever. So with that being said I have to SLAY MAY! If you know me– well then you know I am a goal person. I am also a paper and pen person and I like to write out every and anything.


  1. Start 21 Day Fix Challenge group! I have some goals to crush and some back fat that needs to disappear.
  2. This month I am finally starting a group that has been asked for in HIGH DEMAND and I will make a blog post soon about it!
  3. Write more. Yes I am back and better! I have so much in this brain of mine that wants to release and break free.
  4. Preparing my body for the Zumba Convention. I have been told I need to start preparing it like a marathon, so I am not dying of total pain the first day! (Did I note that I am documenting everything)!
  5. Getting another certification. (Cant tell you, but details are soon)!

I dont know about you but when Monday starts, its exciting because that means a fresh start. I am even more excited because the 1st of the month is on a Monday! What are your goals this month? The question is will you SLAY MAY?


I had my own struggle with losing weight. To be honest I struggle every day but this time it’s a different struggle. I struggle to maintain my weight, maintain my healthy lifestyle and maintain my progress of not losing weight but toning and getting stronger. Regardless, of what our struggle is we all struggle. I struggle to drink my water everyday, to not pick up that soda and to walk away from the snickers. I have worked so hard to get my body to where it is and it’s so hard when people want the same results but don’t want to work for it.

What I have learned this far in my coaching career is that you can’t make anyone lose weight, or get healthy. You can give them all the tools to be successful and to lose weight but if there is no real motivation well then there will be no real results. As a coach I can just be here for them when they are really ready for change and help.

I work at the gym of course because I am a Zumba instructor but it’s amazing how you see the same people at the gym, over and over! These are the people who keep me motivated, these are the people who has seen change and craves more change! I am learning and will still learn probably each day but I see everyday as a new opportunity.



Can you believe it’s that time of year again?!

Hobby Lobby and Target is taken over by Christmas Trees and Santa Claus! I love this time of the year but if your like me well you probably hate when your spouse asks you, what do you want or trying to figure out what to get people.

I like to think of myself as an expert because I have actually asked a few women that take my Zumba class, what is on their list this year! Here is your official gift guide and you can thank me later!!


1. Fitbit Charge 2 :is simply amazing! I am in love with my Fitbit but recently I upgraded to one of the newest models! I love everything about it and gifts like this is perfect for the Mom that needs a little motivation to put some pep in her step! I connect this to My Fitness Pal and this is my personal trainer! The best part is, it will yell at you if your not stepping!

2. LIFT Certified Meal Prep Containers: this mama can never have enough meal prep containers. For a fit mom meal prepping is a major part of life! I have used so many different meal prep containers and just like socks I always lose the 1!


3. Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Bottle : As I write this I am struggling to drink this bottle of water!fresh-fushion-water-bottle Some days I can drink all of my water with no problem and some days I need some mint or strawberries to make my water taste like juice! This
not only comes with a recipe book but also you can use this bottle for a protein shake.

4. Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App: I love my scale. I think this scale is not only amazing but I don’t have to remember what I weighed in 8 months ago because it also connects right with My Fitness Pal App. Not only is weight important but so is the percentage of body fat.

5. Aozora Combo Yoga Mat: This mat is perfect for anyone that loves yoga and especially hot yoga or pilates. Not only is this non slip but after a sweaty class I threw it right in the washer machine!

Vooray- Roadie-Small-Gym-Bag

6.Vooray Roadie 16″ Small Gym Bag: This bag is perfect to throw in my car and to put in my gym locker. Not only is this bag cute but it’s practical!

These gifts are not only perfect for the fit mom but from someone who works in this line of work all of these products you will not go wrong!!!


Things have gotten a little complicated for me lately. I have gained 5lbs and some inches back in my waist. Well the last time I stepped on the scale thats what it said.

A few weeks ago I took the step to become a BeachBody. Many people may ask why? But my answer is so simple. It’s because I need accountability. I started working at the gym teaching Zumba since September. Now that people are coming to me for their weight loss goal my question is who will hold me accountable. I joined because I need accountability that I wasn’t getting anywhere else. This is something new that I am trying and I want you to keep me accountable while I go through this journey!

Some days you just have to make healthy choices and life is all about choices! Want to make healthy decision.... well ask me how! #fitness #shakeology #shakeologyaddict
Some days you just have to make healthy choices and life is all about choices! Want to make healthy decision…. well ask me how! #fitness #shakeology #shakeologyaddict

I have fallen off the wagon I call it. I no longer eat the way I should have but I am seeing some positives through this entire situation.

No Longer do I beat myself up for the weight I am gaining. I look at each day as a new day and I know I can turn that weight around and lose it—- because I am WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!

No Longer do I say “I need to go on a diet” because it’s not a diet its a lifestyle.

I am increasing my workouts and decreasing my carbs and junk in take! I will update my journey all the time and I want you to hold me accountable.

Check out my website ——— www.beachbodycoach.com/DENEADURAN

Groupon + Fitness Devices= Steal

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.)

When I first started my journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle  I knew I needed something to hold me accountable. I needed something that would push me and something I could look at everyday with my goal in mind.

After doing my research I knew I wanted to buy a Fitbit. After always hearing such wonderful things about everything it had to offer and the best part was that it connects to your phone. I have honestly bought many devices that counted my steps but just like many diets I have tried it never lasted! The fit bit connects to your iPhone, Android or Windows phone with an app. It not only tracks your steps but it connects to your My Fitness Pal account and it counts your calories.  I found this device everything I was looking for but the only real problem was the Fitbit was not in my budget.


There are different types of Fitbits for different prices! Like always, Groupon has it for a steal! The normal $99.99 device, you can get it on Groupon for $59.99! There are so many other Fitbit devices that are for almost half off!

I couldn’t be more happier about the decision to purchase the device and meet all of my fitness goals. I have now encouraged a lot of my friends to purchase the device as they start on their fitness journey. The Fitbit lets you start challenges with people in your network/friends like who can get the most steps in during the week. Many times if I am behind I will make it a goal to hit the treadmill just to run so I can catch up.


Make sure to check out all of the great things Groupon has to offer you on your fitness journey like shoes from Foot Locker!

5 Question To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Gym


Gym and contracts are a big deal! I am always hesitant with contracts because I have had bad experiences.

The bad experience I had was signing a 2 year contract with the first place I looked. When I first started going I loved it, I had a personal trainer and was loving the gym life. As the first year continued I started noticing the gym was adding more members than they actually had equipment, room inside the facility or parking for.

Before signing a contract there are 5 questions you should ask yourself.

Fitness equipment in the gym. Gym.


Speaking to many people, that pay for memberships and refuse to use it is because they signed up and found out they actually hate the gym. Working out when everyone can see them, is not for everyone. Most people find it to be better just to work out in their living room.


For me that was important! When I first started working out I knew that I wasn’t a runner and couldn’t just motivate myself to work out. I needed a class/classes to get into because I knew being amongst other people would push me. I tried every class my gym had to offer at least once and I found my thing was Zumba!


Childcare is a big deal, especially for people with kids. Not only do they have childcare, but what are the hours? I have visited a lot of gyms where the childcare is at the most inconvenient times for working parents. Why have a childcare in the gym and it’s closed during peak hours?! Make sure you verify the times!


Do the hours work with your schedule? Some gyms don’t open until 6am, which wouldn’t work for a lot of people that has to work out first thing at 5am. I love 24 hour gyms but realize not every gym is like that so make sure you check on the hours.


This is the most important question to ask yourself while visiting. I love the gym I go to, because they do a lot with the members. They offer free body boot camp, and will have little parties and Zumbathons for the members. I have been to many places, where the staff at the front aren’t friendly, and your just another body to them.

The biggest advice I could give is to do your research. Don’t go with the name because it’s well known (those are the worse ones), go with the one you love. Each gym offers things to their members, just make sure it fits you!

What Is Your Excuse To Not Becoming A Healthier You?


What is your excuse? Why don’t you take time out of your schedule to work on a healthier you? Why are you second? Why are you last?

“An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.”- Bo Bennett

We can come up with every excuse in the book, on reasons why we can’t work out. I remember my excuse use to be time. I didn’t have time to work out, because I was a mom who worked a full time job. I remember I use to spend time at the nail shop getting pampered or I had time to fit Starbucks in my schedule while taking the kids to school. In my eyes I really didn’t have time and knew there would be no way I could take the time to work out.  I didn’t see the point of paying for a gym membership because I didn’t know when I would ever use, and it just would be a waste of money.

I realized after I made working out a part of my life that it had nothing to do with not having time but it had to do with changing my mindset. I had to ask myself is working out important to me? I then realized that I never made it important and something pressing and so then I realized I could make a way to make my gym schedule work with my work and home life.

Here are 3 tips that helped me beat the gym excuses and put more time into getting healthy.

  1. Time. Make time like you would for anything else. 30 minutes at the gym or doing at home workout is better than not doing anything at all. I like to put it in my planner with cute little stickers because stickers make everything so much more cute and fun! I am a planner mom and I literally have to write everything down the night before or nothing the next day will get accomplished!
  2. Money. If you don’t have the money to join or gym or even invest in home work out equipment visit your local library for work out DVDs. I love them and if I know that week I wont have time for the gym I always visit my library because the best part is it’s FREE.
  3. Morning or Night? You have to figure out if the morning or night is better for you to work out. I tried to do 5AM work outs and I learned quickly I am not that type of person. I have to pack my gym clothes the night before and go after work or I will not be motivated to go. I could easily change at home because I live so close to the gym but I have tried that, and if I sit down I will not go!


Just like everything else in life you have to figure out what works and doesn’t work in your life and the schedule you are on.



Not to get skinny but to get stronger. I remember there was a time when I first started this weight loss journey my ultimate goal was to get to 125 lbs. My goal was to fit into those jeans hiding in the back of my closet. After 2 kids in 3 years your body just doesn’t go back right to where it was. I remember saying to myself, I just want to be skinny again. I ate right, I worked out 5 times a week and I drank the amount of water I was suppose to. Pounds started to shed, my waist was smaller than a 28 and I was elated. I meal prepped every Sunday for the entire week and people started noticing how small I was getting. None of my work clothes fit and even my work out clothes got so big on me.


One day I was running on the treadmill and I looked around and noticed some women in my opinion that didn’t need to work out. That didn’t have any fat on their bodies and in my head I started thinking…..Why are they here? I mean it was motivation to see women take such pride in their health and bodies but really, running on the treadmill with the higher incline on! Now your just trying to make me look bad.

I remember the morning I stepped on the scale and I reached my goal weight! My first thoughts were I want wings & fries and then my thought was now that I hit my goal weight, whats next move for me? I want to feel stronger. Going to the gym and working out does not just make you feel stronger physically but it makes you feel stronger mentally. My goal is not just to maintain the weight I am now but to have more definition in my body. When I hit the gym, I leave all of my worries at the door and I put my game face on! I am learning that it doesn’t matter to much about what the scale says but more about how you feel about yourself. I continue to do this because one day I want some one to say to me, that I inspired their journey of a healthy life style.



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New You, New Year….. Nope, New Year– Healthier Me!

September 1 was when I started this lifestyle change. I was almost 2 months out from having my baby girl and knew I needed to make a change and couldn’t blame it on the baby fat 2 years later. I signed up for a gym, tried every class they offered and found my niche! Since September 1, I have lost 17LBS even with the holidays that just passed us! I guess a little more extra incentive I have is trying to fit into my wedding dress before my big day March 19!

I am not a personal trainer or do I get paid to promote products. I am a mother of 2 that truly believes that you can’t raise healthy children if you aren’t healthy. How can I tell my kids to eat all of their veggies or to drink their water if I am not leading by example. As a parent I want to be around as long as possible and want to be the healthiest I can be; Mind, Body and Spirit. Not only do I believe in eating right and exercising right but I also believe in taking care of my mental health. I am not at where I want to be yet but it all takes time, so I am super excited about having my reader come with me on this journey!

My goal is to push you to be the healthiest you, while pushing myself. Yes, being a mom I know we are busy taking care of our family but we have to also learn to take care of us. I am a full time Marketing Director and a blogger on top of being a mom of 2, so I know you can always find time to get your exercise in!