Can you believe it’s that time of year again?!

Hobby Lobby and Target is taken over by Christmas Trees and Santa Claus! I love this time of the year but if your like me well you probably hate when your spouse asks you, what do you want or trying to figure out what to get people.

I like to think of myself as an expert because I have actually asked a few women that take my Zumba class, what is on their list this year! Here is your official gift guide and you can thank me later!!


1. Fitbit Charge 2 :is simply amazing! I am in love with my Fitbit but recently I upgraded to one of the newest models! I love everything about it and gifts like this is perfect for the Mom that needs a little motivation to put some pep in her step! I connect this to My Fitness Pal and this is my personal trainer! The best part is, it will yell at you if your not stepping!

2. LIFT Certified Meal Prep Containers: this mama can never have enough meal prep containers. For a fit mom meal prepping is a major part of life! I have used so many different meal prep containers and just like socks I always lose the 1!


3. Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Bottle : As I write this I am struggling to drink this bottle of water!fresh-fushion-water-bottle Some days I can drink all of my water with no problem and some days I need some mint or strawberries to make my water taste like juice! This
not only comes with a recipe book but also you can use this bottle for a protein shake.

4. Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App: I love my scale. I think this scale is not only amazing but I don’t have to remember what I weighed in 8 months ago because it also connects right with My Fitness Pal App. Not only is weight important but so is the percentage of body fat.

5. Aozora Combo Yoga Mat: This mat is perfect for anyone that loves yoga and especially hot yoga or pilates. Not only is this non slip but after a sweaty class I threw it right in the washer machine!

Vooray- Roadie-Small-Gym-Bag

6.Vooray Roadie 16″ Small Gym Bag: This bag is perfect to throw in my car and to put in my gym locker. Not only is this bag cute but it’s practical!

These gifts are not only perfect for the fit mom but from someone who works in this line of work all of these products you will not go wrong!!!

A Mothers Guilt: When You Put Yourself First


Here is to the lady in the mirror that doesn’t feel good enough. Who is tired from sleepless nights from a 10 month old baby. Who has worked all day and still manages to get home to the kids and husband, make dinner and rushes to get to the gym. Here is to the mom that is looking in the mirror feeling some type of guilt because the time she is spending at the gym could be spent with her kids. Here is to the mom that lifts that bar and feels weak not only physically but mentally. Who can’t do another push up, plank or even jumping jack.


I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I am that mom. This week has been rougher then most weeks. We all have our days where we feel guilty because we are choosing to put ourselves first by going to the gym for an hour. For taking some “mommy time” and putting her needs before her families. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We all have those days, but make sure you take out all of your anger and aggression in the gym.

It is difficult to put ourselves before our family and I am learning that, this is a normal feeling. Is it right?! I am not sure and still looking for the answer. One thing I do know is, sometimes I need to get my thoughts together or sort things out and the best place for that is the gym. This week has been especially hard because I have been to the gym everyday so far and have not really spent tons of time with my kids. Yes, I feel guilty but no matter how perfect my schedule is planned out I think I will always feel guilty. When you have bad days know your not alone, that it is ok if you skip the gym to spend time with your family. When you have those days stay home and wait for the kids to go to bed. Pop in the workout DVD and get your sweat on. There is so much pressure on us as moms, women, and wives that you don’t need to be even harder on yourself. This is why home workouts are so important and why I have to keep reminding myself why I created OH CHIC MOM. I created this brand because I know the struggles of working out, eating right and by nature putting yourself last. Don’t get me wrong, I have an awesome husband that helps out but he can’t fill my shoes, just like I can fill his shoes. So if you are having those days, know your not alone and you can do anything!