I have two problems. CARBS AND SWEETS! Who is with me here? I know I am not the only person with this problem. Sometimes in the middle of the day I will find myself craving pasta or Chick Fil -A waffle fries with extra ketchup (sorry that’s the foodie coming out of me)!

Although, I am on my journey to becoming a better me doesn’t mean I hold my family hostage of all of the great things in life like carbs. My kids will still have the occasional food coloring dye in their frosting with their cupcakes that we bought at the store or made out of the box. I still give them chips and cookies and all the fine things in life. It’s called balance and of course my husband loves pasta so as the great wife I am I try to find a middle ground by looking at alternative pasta! We are a big fan of Zoodles and whole wheat noodles but we may have hit the jack pot when I decided to buy this!

Disclaimer: If you hate Walmart check on Lensi website to see if they sell this elsewhere because I found this at Walmart!

I must admit I was a little skeptical of how this would taste but like I said before I will try anything once! What sort of won me over was that there are 22 grams of protein. I decided this would be a perfect pasta for Spaghetti and to be honest I love a pasta meal where there are always left overs because I couldn’t imagine life without leftovers.

It does take longer for this to cook than regular pasta but the consistency was just like regular pasta. I didn’t try to throw the pasta on to the cabinet when it was ready, like I usually do! (Please tell me I am not the only one who does this too!) It did not exactly taste just like regular noodles but to be honest the taste was very similar.

It worked perfect with the turkey meat and spaghetti sauce and the kids and hubby approved of it! Not only was it good but the kids asked for seconds so in my book that is what I call a win.

If your looking for something healthier than past, with way more protein, way less carbs and want to trick your kids into eating healthy well this is a way to go. They also have black bean pasta that I want to try once I find a recipe!

Hillshire Snacking Food Review

When your 3 year old wants more you know you have a winner. Hillshire snacks has done it again,  Quick and easy. Perfect with a glass a wine or juice box.


With a 3 year old picky eater and a husband that decided he wanted to be a Pescetarian, you can imagine that dinner time or lunch time can be a nightmare in my house. Did I mention I am not a big seafood eater. Hillshire had changed my house “snacking meal”! When shopping for my 3 year old, I try to always find a balance in his diet. Something he will eat and that is really good for him. Wondering through my favorite store Target, aimlessly is my favorite pastime especially when it’s just me! I like to call this mommy time, some moms enjoy doing other things but I could spend a good 2 hours in Target and I never leave with anything under $100 which is so insane to me.

Walking through the grocery section of the store I came across Hillshire snacking. Two things stood out to me natural gouda cheese and Italian Dry Salame.

hillshire-snack-reviewIn my head I started thinking about how many I would buy and realized there was only 3 left, so of course I had to take the rest! While checking out the cashier said these are so good and held up the Hillshire snack. I told him I though I would give it a try considering it never hurts but to try something at least once! Yes, I am a foodie so I love trying new foods!

The next day while my 3 year old was having a snack I decided to pop one of the Hillshire snacks open and before I could even sit down my 3 year old ran up to me and stuck his hand out. I knew he would not like it because he is so picky and very funny about texture, but I gave him one and he yelled “yummy mommy”!

I was shocked because I have bought this kid every kind of lunchable known to man and he hated every single one. Before I could even get one in my mouth to try he asked for more, so I gave him his own. He sat there and finished his plate and I finished mine!


Hillshire snacking is perfect for a snack for the kids, if you have people over and it is lovely with a glass of wine. We are all stocked up and snack time is so much better, now hopefully we can conquer dinner!



FullSizeRender copy

Now I am not a fan of protein shakes. I have probably tried millions of protein shakes just to say I did and have hated all but probably 4. Honestly the only reason I haven’t hated all of them is because I have doctored the protein shake up by adding a banana or an extra scoop of something yummy but healthy. All of the protein shakes taste very chalky and just plain disgusting until I found this heaven on earth! I am already a big fan of anything Skinny Girl from the protein bars, to the alcohol so I thought I would give this a try. I mean I have already tried every other nasty protein shake known to man so why not!

First, lets talk about how sophisticated and ‘cool’ I felt after drinking this. The bottle is not only cute and I love anything cute but its very clean looking and you just feel super sophisticated! I am usually a chocolate kind of girl but I also love my ice cream so I thought I would give this a try. FullSizeRender-3

Not only does it really taste like an ice cream but you honestly forget your even drinking a “protein shake”. Yes, something that is actually good for you. I was actually on my way from school drop off to the dentist and forgot to eat so I stop by my house ran inside and drank this on the way to my appointment. Like I said before I always throw a banana in the blender with the protein shake or a tsp of almond butter just to get over that chalky flavor but with this protein shake you don’t even have that problem because it’s so good!

If your on the go like me but know that you have to get something in your system this is such a great ‘go to’! This is sold at Walmart! I give this product 5 stars!!!!