Tomorrow I start my 30 day program. This is Core- Strength- Toning program! I am so excited to see where my body will be in 30 days and I will be on a food program also. I am already missing my wine! Want to find out more email me : #coredeforce #strengthtraining #core #healthy #fit #ohchicmom #fitmom #fitmomofig #toningup
Tis the season to gain weight and be Merry! It’s that time of the year when you gain a bunch of weight because all of the goodies. I am in Marketing/ Sales for my day job which means my schedule will soon get filled with lots of Holiday parties. Reps from other companies will stop by with yummy treats and like always I will have to make a healthy conscious decision on what I want to do. I will prove that I can lose weight during the holidays.

I have recently taken my measurements and stepped on the scale and I gained 10lbs. I am definitely disappointed in myself, but I know what I will have to do to get back on track. I came this far and know I have the tools I need to lose those stupid 10lbs. I kind of knew I gained weight when those pants became a little tight LOL! I have picked up some not so healthy habits and I am proud to say I am at it again.

Today I started a new 30 day fitness program CORE DE FORCE and I am so excited to see the result. I am taking out my Holiday stress on a new workout. I wanted to start this program because this is not only a MMA inspired workout but I recently discover I still have no ab muscles from having my daughter. This plan comes with a meal plan, a 30 day calendar on which workouts to do and when. I hope to share my journey and experience here with you. I have always been a girl who loves to go to the gym so this will be a different experience doing the workouts from home.

My goal is 2 things——— 1. Inspire someone anyone to make the change to become healthier and 2. Push myself. 

I will share my meals, my struggles, my wins, and I will be completely honest here. I am even pushing myself to do a lot more Vlogs! I literally hate the way I sound so this will be interesting and the irony is I had my own radio station and I received my undergrad degree in Broadcasting!

Meal Prep Sunday! #happysunday #fitmom #mealprep #coredeforcechallenge

If you want to find out more, email me at

Mommy Check In


“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, Body and Spirit”

Listen to your mind, body and soul. These words are so important to me. I listen to my body and thoughts. Does that sound a little nutty?! Probably! I am very into listening to whatever my inner voice is telling me. Last week I decided I needed a week break. I finally found out why my body was not healing, it was because I was not getting any rest. Life is hectic, life is busy and self inflicted pain is something that could be avoided. I needed a break from social media and blogging. How could I need a break from something I truly love? I love my kids but this weekend I am dropping them off at my parents house and this mama will have a break.

I created this blog because I wanted to first blog my journey on losing the baby weight but then I really got into fitness and my life has truly changed.


Fitness Check 

This mama gained 5lbs and it wasn’t in muscle. With everyone being sick including myself I skipped the gym, the home work outs and ate like there was no tomorrow. TODAY, starts my jump rope challenge! I am so excited and its similar to my plank challenge which was a big hit! I have cut out carbs for lunch and dinner and increasing my veggies with every meal! I fell back on the bandwagon of drinking soda, so that is completely out! I am human, I cry and I crave carbs (in that order)! The great thing about being in my position is I know what my body needs and how I can take care of my body. Disappointment is the word that has taken over. Not because I gained the weight, but because I got in a place in my life where I didn’t realize I needed a break but put myself into a downward spiral.

I am human, I am a mom and a blogger and this is my life. I love to be transparent because that’s why I am here!

TODAY, starts back to taking care of me and eating right again (since I just downed a bag of chips yesterday)! The positive is dinner is still really healthy, and I am so excited that my kids love to eat healthy at least I am doing that right! I am a mom of two, a wife, I struggle everyday like you with good decisions and bad decision but everyday is a learning lesson and thats what make life beautiful.

JSNC7080 SVHL5374

I love looking at these pictures, because this is a reminder on why I am doing this and these are a constant reminder on what my goal is.

What Is Your Excuse To Not Becoming A Healthier You?


What is your excuse? Why don’t you take time out of your schedule to work on a healthier you? Why are you second? Why are you last?

“An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.”- Bo Bennett

We can come up with every excuse in the book, on reasons why we can’t work out. I remember my excuse use to be time. I didn’t have time to work out, because I was a mom who worked a full time job. I remember I use to spend time at the nail shop getting pampered or I had time to fit Starbucks in my schedule while taking the kids to school. In my eyes I really didn’t have time and knew there would be no way I could take the time to work out.  I didn’t see the point of paying for a gym membership because I didn’t know when I would ever use, and it just would be a waste of money.

I realized after I made working out a part of my life that it had nothing to do with not having time but it had to do with changing my mindset. I had to ask myself is working out important to me? I then realized that I never made it important and something pressing and so then I realized I could make a way to make my gym schedule work with my work and home life.

Here are 3 tips that helped me beat the gym excuses and put more time into getting healthy.

  1. Time. Make time like you would for anything else. 30 minutes at the gym or doing at home workout is better than not doing anything at all. I like to put it in my planner with cute little stickers because stickers make everything so much more cute and fun! I am a planner mom and I literally have to write everything down the night before or nothing the next day will get accomplished!
  2. Money. If you don’t have the money to join or gym or even invest in home work out equipment visit your local library for work out DVDs. I love them and if I know that week I wont have time for the gym I always visit my library because the best part is it’s FREE.
  3. Morning or Night? You have to figure out if the morning or night is better for you to work out. I tried to do 5AM work outs and I learned quickly I am not that type of person. I have to pack my gym clothes the night before and go after work or I will not be motivated to go. I could easily change at home because I live so close to the gym but I have tried that, and if I sit down I will not go!


Just like everything else in life you have to figure out what works and doesn’t work in your life and the schedule you are on.

A Mothers Guilt: When You Put Yourself First


Here is to the lady in the mirror that doesn’t feel good enough. Who is tired from sleepless nights from a 10 month old baby. Who has worked all day and still manages to get home to the kids and husband, make dinner and rushes to get to the gym. Here is to the mom that is looking in the mirror feeling some type of guilt because the time she is spending at the gym could be spent with her kids. Here is to the mom that lifts that bar and feels weak not only physically but mentally. Who can’t do another push up, plank or even jumping jack.


I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I am that mom. This week has been rougher then most weeks. We all have our days where we feel guilty because we are choosing to put ourselves first by going to the gym for an hour. For taking some “mommy time” and putting her needs before her families. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We all have those days, but make sure you take out all of your anger and aggression in the gym.

It is difficult to put ourselves before our family and I am learning that, this is a normal feeling. Is it right?! I am not sure and still looking for the answer. One thing I do know is, sometimes I need to get my thoughts together or sort things out and the best place for that is the gym. This week has been especially hard because I have been to the gym everyday so far and have not really spent tons of time with my kids. Yes, I feel guilty but no matter how perfect my schedule is planned out I think I will always feel guilty. When you have bad days know your not alone, that it is ok if you skip the gym to spend time with your family. When you have those days stay home and wait for the kids to go to bed. Pop in the workout DVD and get your sweat on. There is so much pressure on us as moms, women, and wives that you don’t need to be even harder on yourself. This is why home workouts are so important and why I have to keep reminding myself why I created OH CHIC MOM. I created this brand because I know the struggles of working out, eating right and by nature putting yourself last. Don’t get me wrong, I have an awesome husband that helps out but he can’t fill my shoes, just like I can fill his shoes. So if you are having those days, know your not alone and you can do anything!

Staying Motivated While On The Weight Loss Journey


Starting a workout challenge is easy, but staying motivated is hard.

Saying you will work out 5 times a week and eat right is easy but when you want to just stay in the bed or your favorite type of pizza is put in front of you making the right decision is hard.

I remember coming home from work and just laying in my bed. I had a hard day at work and all I wanted to do was grab a glass of wine and crawl in my bed. We all have days like that, and it’s so normal but you have to remember you have a goal. Many people asked me how I stayed motivated to work out and to eat right and the answer for me was simple. I was tired of not being able to fit my pants and I wanted to change my health, my lifestyle. I believe that there has to come a point in everyones life where you just want to see a change in your body, and mind. At least that how it was for me!

It was so easy for me to accept these challenges from personal trainers and the latest work out guru on Instagram but staying on track and keeping the momentum going has always been hard. Here are some things that helped me stay motivated while losing weight.



1. Changing your mind.

Exercise and fitness is not only about changing physically but you have to be mentally ready for this. It’s true do something consistently for 21 days and it becomes a habit! Remind yourself why you are changing your habits even if you need to put a motivational note in your workspace or on your mirror.

2.  Set Goals.

I believe in setting long term goals and short term goal. Baby steps when it comes to losing weight. Set goals like in 8 weeks I want to lose 10lbs. 6 months I want to lose 20lbs. Remember what you want in the long term and set little goals to get to the big goal.

3.Support system.

Like anything else we need people that will support us on our journey. Besides my husband, my best friend who lives in DC was also my support system. I remember times I would literally be laying in my bed and she would FaceTime and ask why I wasn’t in the gym. When I would give her my lame excuse she would tell me to call her only when I am in the gym heading to the car. Even from states away she still held me accountable. If I was craving something I would call her and she would help me come up with a healthier option then what I was craving.

4. Working Out=Fun.

Know what your work out style is. I am more of a group setting type of person. I love group work outs like Zumba or Body Pump and sometimes I like to just run on the treadmill. Switch it up. Sometimes working out can be so boring but don’t let it be!

5. Don’t beat yourself up.

Take one day at a time. Sometimes I would have days where I would eat 2 slices of cake instead of one, or some days I would crave fries and a soda and I would eat that plus more. I had to learn not to beat myself up over what I did that day. The only thing I could do is move on and wake up the next day with a clean slate and learn from my mistakes.




Being a mom of two sometimes I don’t get a chance to go to the gym. If my fiancé is not home then I usually stay home with the kids. Although, we do pay for daycare at the gym I would just prefer to keep them at home so I had to find work outs that I could do while home with the kiddos. Jump roping is so perfect for several different reasons– 1. it will tell you how out of shape you are LOL 2. It is such a great calorie burner 3. Tones your legs!

There is no excuse to getting a great work out in wherever you are at. If I can’t make it to the gym, I typically do this when the kids are asleep! #KEEPPUSHING



  • 20 seconds of jump rope
  • 10 second of rest
  • Do it again!


  • Beginner: 3 sets
  • Intermediate: 6 sets
  • Advanced: 9 sets