Top 3 Fitness Apps for Androids & iPhones

Top 3 Fitness Apps

I wish I could tell you that I had the crazy motivation to just get up and lose weight but then I would be lying to you! I did look in the mirror and say what have I done to my body? Why am I always tired and never have any energy? Well part of it was because I had a newborn and at the time a 2.5 year old. I looked around me and wondered if I could lose weight for free? What was around me that I have not taken advantage of. Yes, I paid thousands of dollars just in one year on a personal trainer and didn’t see a difference in my body at all.

I googled some great apps to help lose weight and I have to say I found 3 apps that changed my life and the best part is they are free!



  1. My Fitness Pal– Hello Calorie counter and motivator! This app made me realize everything I was putting in my body and how many calories I engorged in. The great thing about the app is if the food is not in the database there is a bar code scanner and it will then put it in the database. At first it was a pain but this helped me meal plan my entire day! On my bad days this helped hold me to be accountable and see where I went wrong. This app is available for Androids and iphones. nike-running-app
  2. Nike + Running GPS App– Now this one was fun! If you have been an avid reader, well then you know how much emphasis I put in having a support system. One of my good friends who lives in DC loved to challenge me. She also has been on a weight loss journey and really helped me through everything.  Every month we would create a goal (which I never finished, but came really close each time) which would consist of doing 35 miles a month and then would increase each month. This app is awesome because it tell you what you time was for each mile. I would do this on the treadmill and would try to beat each time. I got faster at running a mile and the best part is that it cheers you on! Who doesn’t love a little more motivation?! This app is available for Androids and iphones. IMG_4152 IMG_4151 IMG_4150
  3. Fitbit- I seriously have nothing but good things about my fitbit. When I first bought my fitbit I didn’t understand why it was so expensive but knew this was something I had to do! The app is amazing. It tracks how many calories you burned, how many steps taken that day and the best part it connects with My Fitness Pal app! Every Monday I would weight in and on the app you can keep track of your measurements and weight. This is such an awesome app I can’t even explain how much this device/ app kept me on the right track to getting to my goal weight.

These 3 apps have been so beneficial in my weight loss! What apps have you been using on your weight loss journey? What apps do you plan to use?

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31 thoughts on “Top 3 Fitness Apps for Androids & iPhones

  1. I have really been wanting a fitbit. I don’t have one or a arm band, so I have been using an app called NexTrack. It is kind of fun. You get points and can ‘level up’ every time you exercise.

  2. I have been using my fitness pal for YEARS and I love it. It just keeps getting better and better! I also love Nike+ for tracking my outdoor walks. I love that it shows me where I was walking faster and slower.

  3. I swear I am the only one who hasn’t downloaded my Fitness Pal yet. I am going to have to remedy that right now!

  4. I love my fitbit and agree that the app is amazing – it’s better than the weight watchers one (which has a monthly fee to use.) I dropped my WW subscription because fitbit did more, without the monthly price.

  5. I actually use my Fitness Pal and have been using it for quite some time now. I need to keep up with it though, I don’t use it as consistently as I should.

  6. I use my fitbit app mostly. But, I have been thinking about trying the Nike app. There is also this app called 7 that has a 7 minute workout – makes making excuses pretty difficult 🙂

  7. I use Map My Fitness and the Misfit app, we have MIsfit Flashes so it keeps our steps tracked.

  8. I have tried so many different methods in the many years since I had twins. Different methods worked at different times in my life. Now I’m afraid I will have to use them all 🙂

  9. MyFitnessPal is incredible. What a great round-up of apps. I love using them because they keep me accountable for my eating and exercise habits {good or bad – hah}.

  10. I’m the same way. I need some motivation and something to get me going. I will have to check out these apps. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh yay, I just ordered my fitbit and am so excited to take a step up in my fitness routine. The app sounds awesome!

  12. These are all great apps!!! I’ve been obsessed with My Fitness Pal for years! One of my favorite apps 🙂

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