top-5gifts-for-a-yogiYoga can be foreign to some people! I mean the first time I tried Yoga (because a friend made me) I was so confused and didn’t feel relaxed at all. Actually I was sweating a lot and it wasn’t because I was doing Hot Yoga.

If you know some that is a true “Yogi” these gifts are probably up their alley!


01. Everyone loves to look cute going to the gym and these cute Women’s Yoga Tank Tops are adorable!

02. Who doesn’t love a cute bag to carry all of your yoga stuff in? This bag fits perfectly for everything from your Yoga Mat to your Yoga blocks.

03. After Yoga, you must clean your mat from all the sweat! This all natural mat cleaner is the solution to all that nastiness that gets on the mat. It has a great minty smell which is a plus!!

04. For those of you that think yoga is just stretching with a mat you are WRONG. Yoga is about meditating through stretching and sometimes those stretches you use Yoga wedges and straps. Take it from someone that does yoga now. You can never have too many wedges!!

05. Maybe this person is not a Yogi yet but has expressed interest in Yoga. The perfect gift would be a few sessions at a local yoga studio and an entire Yoga for beginners kit! You can thank me later!

Yoga has really changed my life with my anxiety and stress. You can thank me later for all of these great gift ideas!

-Happy Holidays


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19 thoughts on “TOP 5 GIFTS FOR A YOGI

  1. I have never tried Yoga but I would try it. I honestly don’t think any of my friends do it either. That might be something for all of us to try together after the first of the year! I really like the gift suggestions though.

  2. These would be perfect for my best friend! She is just getting into yoga seriously and I would love to show my support with some gifts just for her.

  3. I also need a yoga mat and I think i really like the thick soft ones so you don’t feel like you are lying on the hard ground.

  4. I have to admit this is a little outside of my area of expertise. Okay, a lot! But, I do have lots of yoga-loving friends so I really appreciate the ideas for gifts for them! I honestly had no clue what things might be handy for a yogi! πŸ™‚

  5. All great ideas. I could use a mat cleaner myself. I know some people hesitate to give fitness gifts, but if you already know someone is a yogi, supporting their practice is a great idea.

  6. My friend recently became very interested in yoga. I had no idea what to buy her this year but these are awesome ideas.

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