HOW TO WALK 10,000 Steps a Day


It seems as if everyone is tracking their daily steps. Between pedometers, higher end fitness bands like a Fitbit or an UP3 by Jawbone, or even just using your phone to track your movement, there is no excuse to not know how many steps a day you are taking. When you track your steps, you are challenging yourself to live a healthier life each and every day. It is also nice to compare your progress and push yourself to reach new fitness goals.

 Here’s how to reach 10,000 Steps a Day:

  1. Create a challenge for yourself. This can be anything you want that requires walking. Maybe you want to walk to the store instead of driving once a week or walk for thirty minutes every day after dinner. Walking 10,000 steps daily will help keep you active during the times when it is hardest. Start slowly so that you can achieve this step milestone in time. When I first started using my FitBit, I was surprised to see only 2,000 a day when I worked at an indoor office job. I slowly made sure to get to 5,000 each day before it was a breeze to get to 10,000.
  1. Make a specific goal. Keep track of what you normally walk in a day so that you can have an average step count. Next, you will want to make a goal to increase your steps by a certain percentage. For example, let’s say that you walk 3,600 steps a day right now. You will want to increase that amount by at least 10% for a week. Check your progress and then repeat! You will soon reach 10,000 steps a day.

When you record your steps daily, it will be easier to see how you have been doing. Some days it will be easy to reach your goal, but other days may be a struggle. Don’t give up!

  1. Track your moods. Do you feel motivated? Are you having issues reaching your goal? What is holding you back? At first you may not feel like walking 10,000 steps a day will be a huge increase or be a big improvement in your life. This is especially true in the beginning when you feel like you want to give up. Evaluate how you feel after you reach your targeted walking goal.

If you struggled to meet your goal, brainstorm ways to reach it daily. Get creative! Take the stairs, park further away when you are shopping, and use your lunch breaks to get up and move around.

  1. Make it fun. Download audiobooks that you only listen to as you walk or start listening to podcasts. This is how I “trick” myself into walking more since the only time I can finish my current novel or catch up on my favorite podcast is by walking around the block with my smartphone!

Does 10,000 daily steps sound overwhelming? It should inspire you to live a healthy life. Feel better and get fit with these tips to reach your milestone!

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24 thoughts on “HOW TO WALK 10,000 Steps a Day

  1. I used to be obsessed with getting in those steps when I wore my FitBit. But when I didnt reach the goal I felt terrible about my goal. So, I then just tried to do as much as I could in that day. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt. And thats ok. 🙂

  2. I like to walk outside, but it stays hot here much of the year so that makes it harder to enjoy. Your tips were great, thanks for sharing!

  3. I definitely need to make this a part of my everyday routine! It sounds a little overwhelming but I’m sure if I find ways to make it “fun” like playing PokemonGo or as you suggested an audio book will help me look forward to and enjoy it more – baby steps!

  4. This sounds hard but it do-able everyday as I achieve close to it. I love to walk everywhere now and it makes such a difference to my mood!

  5. I park my car further away! You think 10k would be easy, but it really isn’t. I have some friends who do 20k per day. Can you imagine?

  6. I need to get a FitBit watch to track mine. Thanks for putting the bug in my head to try to get one because I keep saying it and make and excuse but these tips would motivate me.

  7. I try to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day to add to my steps. I haven’t reached 10,000 yet but pretty close!

  8. These are really good tips. I know that I do not move that much during the day. I need to start doing more actively.

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