I live by the motto if you look your best, you feel your best and that goes for even when your at the gym. Many people may not agree with me but I feel I at least need lipgloss or mascara before I  work out. Im not saying you have to go to the gym with a face full of make up or your hair done up because my hair is usually in a messy bun or an upside down pineapple.ryderwear-womens-bra

Typically I get off of work, change into my workout clothes and will work out for an hour about 3 times a week and then I teach Zumba on Saturdays so to say I live in gym clothes would be an understatement. There are only certain leggings I can wear that are not only are comfy when working out but I don’t have to worry about them rising when doing lifts and squats. I always look for cute workout clothes and I finally found a brand that provides not only comfy workout clothes but they are cute.


When it comes to sports bras it’s so hard finding a good bra that doesn’t make you feel like you have no chest! Ryderwear push up crop black sports bra ( what I am wearing) give you great support for any type of exercise. I danced for 90 minutes during Zumba class and the girls were nice and secure! The bra is made with performance fabric with 4 way stretch, breathable padding and body wick cool and dry material.


As soon as I went into the gym with these #LIFTSQUAT tights everyone complimented me! These are comfortable and are cute which is what I love! Also these shoes the Ladies D-Maks are perfect for squats. The flat soles that the shoes have allow your feet to be planted firmly on the ground which are perfect for squats.


I wish I could say what was my favorite but my shirt says it all— Muscles and Mascara! No I am not being paid to post about their products but I think not only are they perfect for people like me that loves good workout clothes and that are fashionable. Check them out!


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